Many Faces

a woman standing in library stacks in a black dress with the face of Marilyn on it
a woman sitting in library stacks wearing a black dress with the face of Marilyn Monroe on it
close up of a black dress with Marilyn Monroe on a black Dress
a woman in Marilyn Monroe Print dress on the library stacks
the back of a woman (in black) in the library stacks

Do you ever feel as if you’re different people with different groups? Or friends? Or family? As if you have various, or many, faces, that you show to different people in your life? I do. With certain friends I’m the leader, with strong opinions, and from boundaries. With other friends I’m a follower, willing to go along. Sometimes I’m super loud and funny. There are people in my life who think I never talk at all. And to some people, with whom I feel super safe, I never shut up.

We all have many faces. Or sides to us. And depending on who you’re with, various sides of you may come out. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always loved reading (there was a time when I read a book a day and while my adult life has not indulged that habit, I still love to get lost in other worlds), and the idea that within the pages of any book you can be anyone and go anywhere. Or perhaps, a better way to say it is that we all have many faces, and sometimes we wear them.

a woman in dress whit eh face of Marilyn Monroe in library stacks
a woman in a black dress with eh face of Marilyn Monroe on it in Library Stacks
close up of a sleeve with a woman's smile and red lipstick on it

This isn’t the first time I’ve been attracted to or worn a dress with a face on it (see here>/a>), but it may be the first time that I’ve thought about my style in terms of the face I’m presenting. Well, not completely true, but the first time I’ve thought about the face on my clothes and the face I’m presenting in the terms of how I dress. Or aka, I’m more aware of the fact that I have many faces, from the books I read to the personas I put on with my outfits to the faces I share with people I know. The difference is that this time, I’m wearing my many faces while aware of all the meaning they have.

And yes. This dress is full of a LOT. I won’t dip my foot into any of the Monroe legacy- although to say I think she was such a talent and we were worse off to not see her do more- but I know she’s an icon. And had many faces. So a dress with her face, in a place with so many stories- what a place to wear it! Note: this dress is vintage Loewe, and I’ve linked both Loewe dresses and dresses with faces on them for you below!

I’m a firm believer that our fashion is a way to tell our stories. I’m also aware that all of us have many faces, even with those we love. I’m not sure that I have any advice on how to combine all of your faces, or what to wear to do that. But, I do think that all of our faces, and outfits, deserve a place in our lives.

Also- what are you reading right now?

a woman with a dress with Marilyn Monroe face on it sitting on a couch in library stacks

Shopping options linked below. If you have insight or something to say about your many faces I would love to hear them!


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a woman in library stacks in a dress with Marilyn Monroe on it

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