Not Forgotten

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

I got this dress this winter, in February, when it wasn’t quite warm. I kept meaning to shoot it. It looked great with boots, and there was a time when it was my favorite thing to throw on over leggings and a sports bra to go to Pilates in.

Then lockdown. My wardrobe went from things I wanted to be seen in to a lot of workout and lounge wear. Which hasn’t been a bad thing. But it means that there are things that were forgotten.

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten
Investment Piece: Not forgotten
Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

Last week I pulled it to the front of my closet. And I began to wear it. It’s great with sandals, over my bathing suits, with sneakers, and as a Caftan around the house.
It made me think of all the clothes that may be forgotten in our closets right now- the business suits, the formal dresses, jeans. How can we not forget them? I don’t think it’s about wearing these pieces in the way that we did, or the way we thought we would (though that happens too!). I bet there is so much in your closet that could brighten your day, if it was not forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m still in leggings a lot. And the world is still uncertain. But I’m doing my best to not forget my clothes. If that means getting dressed up or wearing something in a way I hadn’t thought of- I’m not forgetting my clothes. What about you? What are you wearing? What could you be? What are you forgetting?

This dress is vintage Albert Nipon and I’ve linked you both vintage Albert Nipon pieces and modern zebra prints (yes. This is a classic shape, and the details, and it has pockets! I love the play on animal print. I highly recommend it all!)


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Get the modern look:

Or if vintage is your thing:

Investment Piece: Not Forgotten

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