Not Your Summer Sheer

a woman in a black sheer skirt with a black turtleneck, kitten heels, black boy shorts, and a leopard print bad
a woman in a black sheer skirt, black turtleneck, kitten heels and a leopard print bag
a woman in a black sheer skirt, black turtleneck, kitten heels, and a leopard bag

You hear sheer and you think summer. Right? From summer coverups to light weight dressing, sheer makes sense in the summer. And I get that. Yet. (I feel bad that there’s always a yet with me-yet) Since I got this sheer skirt (in the summer) I have been dreaming of this fall outfit. Yes, I wore this skirt over swimsuits. And layered it under long tees. But for some season, fall is how I’ve always pictured me sheer, not summer!

a woman in a black sheer skirt, turtleneck, boy shorts, kitten heels and a leopard bag

Yes, I love the sheer skirt. But, I love it paired with a turtleneck (and obviously boy shorts under the skirt). You could layer sheer so many ways- over tights or yoga pants, slips or bike shorts. Here I loved the juxtaposition of the ladylike/vintage look with the French twist and turtleneck, kitten heels with the sheer skirt.

And of course all of the classic black with the leopard print bag! Point being- anything that you might at first glance think of as summer (or any one season) might be able to ease into another season. Summer Sheers? When I got this (and other) sheers all I could think about is fall. Not a fault or mistake on anyone’s part- but perhaps a hint at how one thing we have ideas about might be a whole completely new, 180 from what we thought, thing.

a woman in a black sheer skirt with black boy shorts, turtleneck, kitten heels, and a leopard bag

Some ways to wear your sheer in the summer:
over swimsuits, body suits, with sandals, tank tops, and more.

Your sheer in the fall?
Over leggings, tights, with sweaters, blazers, coats, with boots, heels and more.

Sheer doesn’t have to be your summer sheer. A trend can be both in style and a classic. And if you want to wait to style your trends I promise that the looks will still be chic and timely.

The one downfall to styling a trend a bit late? I can’t find this exact skirt (which ironically I got on sale during the summer as I suspect they were thinking sheer was for the spring?), but I have linked similar items (turtleneck and bag are vintage, shoes are from a few seasons ago. Boy shorts? Timeless- avail in so many cuts from Target and up!)

How do you sheer? And are there any trends that you see and think about in a different season?

I’ve linked shopping options for you below, and some detail shots- as they are too good not to!

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a close up of a leopard top handle purse and the bamboo heel of a kitten heel
the back of a woman's hard and her hair in a French twist with a black turtleneck
a woman in a black sheer shirt with boys shorts and a turtleneck and kitten heels with a  leopard bag

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