NYE Cinderella

Investment Piece: Cinderella
Investment Piece: Cinderella
Investment Piece: Cinderella
Investment Piece: Cinderella
Investment Piece: Cinderella
Investment Piece: Cinderella

It’s Midnight my lover
Its time for me to disappear
And leave behind my
Golden Slipper
For you to find
Making sure that
There will be another
Evening of pure delight

Don’t stop me my love
It’s a written rule from above
That your Cinderella
Must leave no matter what
At midnight on the dot
For if she does not
Yours will not
Be a happy lot

Please turn around my love
Cast a glance at the
Beauty that abounds
In this lovely gathering
Of dolled up ladies waiting
To play the game of mating
While you do that
Like lightening
I will be gone
For now
But I promise
I will come back again
By Sandra Martyres

My question about Cinderella? I don’t think think I could be that ok with losing an amazing shoe (at the time there was no promise you’d get it back). But leaving a party at midnight? That’s a Cinderella I could pull. Now, I love a great party, and I love getting dressed up. Something I don’t always love?
New Years Eve.

I know, I know, it’s almost grinch like. However, the pressure to have the “best night ever”, and the risk of losing shoes is not high on my list. My solution? Wear a nightgown to the party, then you’re always ready to pull a Cinderella. Yes, this is a vintage nightgown (a la my mom from the 1970s), but it’s also perfect for your NYE soiree. (And if you’re pulling a Cinderella and leaving at midnight, you don’t even have to change when you get home!) Faux fur and amazing shoes (not to be lost) make any gown fancy. Bonus: this look is even perfect for the Wild soiree you could have at home NYE!

While this gown is vintage, I’ve linked several other nightgowns below that would work on the town (wearing your pjs as clothes is in!) I’d love to know: how do you plan to play Cinderella this NYE?


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Investment Piece: Cinderella

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