Overthinking (Jeans and a Tee)

Investment Piece: Jeans and a Tee
Investment Piece: Overthinking

I don’t post a lot of outfits that are just jeans and a tee. Part because there has never been a party dress I didn’t love (true since I was a tot). Part because I can overthink jeans and a tee. Talent? Weirdness?

Either way, the fact remains that I can call this Tuesday:
Investment Piece: Holiday Gown

And at the same time worry about jeans and a tee. Shooting this look? I worried that it wasn’t “enough”.

It’s not that I don’t’ wear jeans often, or just throw things on, or any combination of all the things. Jeans and a tee may be my “relaxed” go-to’s (as well as sundresses), but they can have me overthinking like nothing else.

Investment Piece: Overthinking
Investment Piece: Overthinking

The irony? I truly believe that a great pair of jeans are an investment piece. There is nothing like a pair that make you feel good, look good, can be dressed up or down, and make you feel like you.

***I personally think high rise is best, I have a naturally super high waist, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. But, if you like a low rise I get it–there are jeans out there for you.

Tees (and basic sweatshirts like this one) are my go-to’s from sleeping to workouts to pairing with skirts and pants.

So, why does pairing jeans and a tee together make me overthink so? (And yes, maybe that’s a question for therapy.) Is it that I feel that each outfit needs to make a statement? That it’s boring? Or is it simply that if I’m showing off fashion, that I feel like the SHINEST things should take the spotlight?

I don’t know. Now that I’m aware of this habit and overthinking tendency though, I’m actively challenging myself to be both a party dress lady and a jeans and a tee lady. We can be noth, right?

But, forgive me if I stick to my party dress ways for a while. They’re just too good not to!

I have linked jeans and sweatshirts I love (and even Vans, as I love a good Van!)

What outfit makes you overthink?


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Investment Piece: Overthinking

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