Palm Springs Summer

a woman in white shorts and a green blazer on a porch with green elephant ears

I’m a believer that seasons have themes, sometimes ones we consciously choose, sometimes we see the theme when we’re done with the season. (And a chat for another time is how we can try to choose a theme but life has other plans!) This summer I’m being conscious about my theme (cue the mood boards and wishlists- which I think help not only focus you on what you want fashion wise but experience wise!)- and I’ve decided that this summer is a Palm Springs Summer.

I currently have no plans to go to Palm Springs- though I’m open to that- but in terms of clothing and plans, it’s Palm Springs. So. What does that mean? Honestly, I began thinking of Palm Springs when

Shift Dresses
From cocktail to pool side, there is nothing chicer or easier than a shift dress. Very 60s, and very Palm Springs. I’m loving these:

The store with the edit that started it all! I’m still loving the slightly vintage feel- and all of these pieces would look amazing with a scarf in your hair and big sunglasses!

I’m still working on my mood boards and I can’t wait to share with you all the Palm Springs and more looks I’ll be wearing here all season long!