Sparkle Swim

a woman in a green sparkle green one shoulder one piece swimsuit with a green sparkle sarong over it in nude heels in front of a pool and green hedges
a woman lounging on a bench in front of a lake in a pair of white shorts, a green one shoulder body suit and green mules
a woman in green one piece one shoulder sparkle swim and matching sarong with nude heels with a pool and green hedges and pool

I’ve never been one to NOT wear swim with EVERYTHING (see here, here, here, and more if you search swim in our side bar!) but this sparkle swim is a bit special. Because sparkle elevates everything. From pool side to outside outfits (I didn’t know what else to call the outfits I make with swimsuits), a little bit of glitz always makes what would usually be a pool day be a day of glamour.

And if there is anything I LOVE it’s a bit of glamour.

Especially when it’s incredibly hot and feels as if everything is a bit more difficult than it should be- you may be a bit of glamour.

I’ll be honest- I’ve never been one to like glitter (it always felt a bit of a LOT) but in this set- the one piece and the sarong, it feels just the right bit of sparkle. Together as a set, and wearing the one piece as a body suit with shorts (or pants or skirts!), this sparkle swim feels like a breath of fresh air- and all that we might need right now.

a woman in white shorts and a green sparkle one piece one shoulder swim in front of a bench and a lake
a woman in e one shoulder one piece green sparkle swimsuit with a matching sarong in front of a pool and a hedge

And then , this set got me to thinking- what’s the difference between sparkle and glamour? Why am I so open to one while being resistant to another? Is it the wording? The association I have with the terms? Why is one better (or different) than the other?

And ya know, I don’t know that I have great answers for you. I’ve always associated glamour with old Hollywood, old money, high end things and sparkle with fads, trends, and for lack of a better word-cheap.Yet, this sparkle swim set left me feeling glamorous. So, perhaps my associations were lacking, or misguided. Or maybe sparkle and glamour can mean the same things.

the back of a woman in white shorts and a green sparkle one piece swim suit in font of  a bench and a lake

Maybe, in my rush to judge, and think of myself in a certain light (don’t lie, we all do it), I’ve overlooked sparkle in the chase of glamour. When all along, they may have been the same thing (at least some of the time). All I know is that this sparkle swim, and all the sparkle swim I’ve seen this season, has been glamorous. And perhaps my strive for glamour has always had a bit of sparkle (from sequins or these sparkles or any of the other sequins and sparkles found in the search bar). Maybe sparkle has always been my thing?

My thing has always been swim so it wouldn’t be that far off. As for the difference between sparkle and glamour, as of now, I’m leaning towards sparkle as glamour- based on my experience with this swim set. What do you think?

I’ve linked the exact swim and similar shorts for your shopping pleasure below! I would love to know your thoughts on the difference between sparkle and glamour- please let me know in the comments!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

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a woman sits on a bench in front of a lake in white shorts and a one shoulder green sparkle swim suit and green heels

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