Summer Formula

Investment Piece: Summer Formula
Investment Piece: Summer Formula
Investment Piece: Summer Formula

When someone tells you about a “fashion formula” they usually mean that they have a combo (usually top+bottom of some sort) that works with whatever you have. Graphic tee and jeans. Button down and skirt. Etc. None of those are bad. Or wrong. I fully believe in having outfit go-to’s that make your life easier, that you feel great in, and that always work. It’s just that sometimes the formulas I have surprise me.

Like a scarf as a top. Oldest trick in the book. I’ve written about it here, here, and you can see the same scarf as above styled as a different sort of top here). I wear this “top” all summer long- with pants, skirts, bikinis and swim suits. Only this summer, I keep pairing it with shorts. And I think I love it.

Is it a Summer formula if it’s your new go-to and it looks this good?

Investment Piece: Summer Formula
Investment Piece: Summer Formula

When it gets to be so hot (where I am we’ve had it good till this week. Then we’ve been above 100 every day), it can be too hard to think of what to put on. Everything feels like too much, everything is too heavy, everything feels gross. More and more my go-to summer formulas are things that not only do I think look good, but things that keep me cool. Being physically cool now counts more than any other fashion metric. And a scarf as a top? As cool as you can be- seriously sometimes my only concern is that the scarf I grabbed is a bit too sheer. That’s it.

They go with skirts. Pants (if you can handle them). Swimsuits. And shorts. No thinking. No worrying. Just an outfit that you can feel good in (literally). Isn’t that the point of a summer formula? An outfit that lets you express yourself and not sweat that much (hopefully). I’ve been living in this one. I would love to know- what’s your Summer formula?

I’ve linked the exact shorts (under $30) and scarf (under $100) but this outfit works with any scarf and shorts you have on hand! Stay cool out there!


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