The Pants of Summer

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
My loves, this is a new and exciting partnership with Gia Texas. While I did get pants, th opinions and advice below is completely my own. Love these pants like I do? Use code INVESTMENTPIECE for a special discount!

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer

Usually, at this time of the year, with the heat, I’m living in skirts. Swim suits. Pants are the last thing on my mind. Even the thought of them can seem too hot and overbearing. Really. Who wants to wear pants in the summer?

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
As it turns out, me. But loves, these pants aren’t the traditional pants that I avoid at this time of year. These Gia pants are made from up-cycled saris, made from the softest silk, made ethically, fit everyone (smocked waist) and go WITH EVERYTHING. I’ve been wearing these pants non-stop since I got them- in every which way.

Investment Piece: The pants of summer
With my swim. You can get these wet (they’re machine washable, but use a mesh bag for safety!)- they’re the best cover-up, they move with every breeze, and as you can adjust how high you sit the waist, they can make any top look flattering!

Investment Piece: the pants of summer
One of the best things about palazzo pants? (Which is essentially what these are) They are the best of both worlds- pants and skirts. Pair these with a more formal top (here I hid the smocking) and use them as a formal skirt. Even for backyard parties, these are so chic and easy. You can put them on and forget about them, they’re so comfy they make any look feel like you’re relaxing.

Investment Piece: The Pants of summer
Doing business? Throw on a blazer or a longer jacket and these pants are business. Casual or not.

Investment Piece: The Pants of Summer
And of course, these pants are the ultimate lounge look. Pair with your fave tee, tank, sweatshirt, or whatever makes you feel comfy!

Anytime I don’t know what to wear, I’ve reache for these pants. And yes, if you’ve visited the website or the Instagram (@gia-Texas) you may be thinking these pants lend themselves to more of a festival or causal look. And you’re right! But they can also be classic. Or formal. Or business. One of the great things about these pants is that they can be anything you need. Waist high or low. Easy or complicated.
And each one is so different! Because they are made from old saris, no two are alike. Different patterns, colors, and eras. You can pick a pair that’s completely you, and let it speak for you.

I have so much more to tell you about Gia Texas. Look forward to posts telling you all about the company, Sheryl (the owner), a trunkshow we have planned for you, and all the things. In the meantime use code INVESTMENTPIECE or this link for a discount on your own pair. Pick one that you love! Style how you see fit!

See how often you wear pants at the end of summer. I’m wearing mine non-stop!

Investment Piece: the pants of summer

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