Throwing in the Towel

a woman in a pink robe made from towels stands in front of green trees
a woman in a pink robe made from towels stands in front of a green tree and White House
A woman in a pink robe made of towels stands in front of green trees

I know, I know, we all thinking that throwing in the towel is not a great thing. Because it means quitting. And we’re told that quitting is never great. But what if it was great to quit, to throw in the towel was a great thing?

Note- this is not me throwing in the towel on the blog. You’re still stuck with me! And my hope that things only get better from here. The only thing we may be throwing the towel in on here are bad outfits and things that make us feel bad. (at least fashion wise).

And while that may be a bad pun, or turn of phrase, that attitude is really what (or where) I’m interested in throwing in the towel. The world is different, we’re different, fashion is different- what if we just stopped doing and wearing things that weren’t for us? Not in a refusal to try new styles way, but in a when things aren’t right for us way, we don’t try to force them. Maybe it’s a throw in the towel on wearing things to please others, and we commit to our own style (the one that’s completely ours) and the things that make us look and feel good (because they are different on everyone). Wouldn’t those type of throwing in the towels be fantastic?

a close up of a woman in a pink robe made of towels in front of green trees and a White House

On a fashion note: this robe (dress) is made from towels. Vintage Milikan towels to be exact. This exact piece is from one of my favorite vintage sellers, Take Me Back Baby- you can find her on Etsy, Shop Thrilling and IG- all @takemebackbabyvintage! (feel free to reach out for direct links!) It’s the perfect thing for getting out of the water, and chic enough for any patio party. This dress is all that I want to live in for the summer- from the texture to the color, to the cut. You can find sellers making a ton of options out of vintage towels, Milikan and other vintage towels, and if you’re into more modern options Terry cloth is big this season. From tops to bottoms to dresses, Terry wears well, is comfy, and is so incredibly chic for the season. Maybe instead of throwing in the towel, we just clothe ourselves in them? That’s an option I’m open to!

a woman in a pink dress that's made out of towels in front of green trees and patio furniture
a woman in a pink robe made of towels in front of hanging plants and a white wall

What would be better if we threw in the towel on it? As the seasons change, I know it’s tempting to make our wishlists, bucket lists, plan trips- and I plan to do all of those- but this year I’m also thinking about what I could quit for the season. What things would make the summer better by leaving them behind? I can think of a few, and I’m sure you could to. So, as I’m making my lists of all the things to do, I’m going to be specific on the things I’m not going to do. And if I happen to throw in the towel while wearing a chic one, I completely call it a win!

Below I’m linking both vintage and modern Terry cloth options for your chicest summer! If you want help sourcing a towel item for yourself please reach out!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a pink dress sits on a bench in front of a white wall

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