Investment Piece: Transitions

When I shot this look, and when I wrote this post, it was freezing. Literally freezing. And it was less than a week ago. Yes, we may be heading towards spring. It may be warm, or even hot, where you are this weekend. But this is about transitions. And how we deal with them.

Investment Piece: Transitions
Investment Piece: Transitions

The thing about seasonal transitions, and change, is that it happens in stages. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Sometimes it goes back and forth. As much as we may be looking forward to spring, and all that fashion, spring is allowed to take its time. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but patience isn’t my strongest virtue. And we know I think change can be hard (see here)
There are a few things that I know about transitions to be true:
-Even though transitions can be hard to deal with as we don’t know what to wear, or exactly where to step, they are the places where we can grow the most.
-During transitions we have to trust the work we’re doing, and what we’re building is coming along. Even when, especially when we can’t see it. When we plant a seed outside, we don’t dig it up every day to see what’s taking so long. We trust and let it grow. Same applies to transitions.
-Transisional dressing is both fun and frustrating. Layers, layers, layers. And maybe don’t be afraid to work inside?

Investment Piece: Transitions

This skirt is vintage, but it feel like the animal print silk ones on offer this season(s). Right now? It looks great with sweaters and under coats. When it’s warm? Graphic tees and tanks. Shoes optional or heels or sandals. Treat it like a neutral and let it transition with you. It’s the best use of transitions that I can think of.

I love this type of skirt so much that I’ve linked my favorites for you below. Transition in them. It may make things easier!

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Investment Piece: Transitions

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