White Dress Season

a woman in a white dress in front of a house
a woman in a white dress in front of a house
the back of a woman in a white dress with the back cut out in front of a house

I will never get my shock one day, years and years ago, while at a football game (after Labor Day) that a guy friend of mine commented on some woman’s white pants, stating that white pants weren’t supposed to be worn after Labor Day. Not that the sentiment was shocking- I’m from the US South and that “fashion rule” is ingrained when we’re children. (We can all debate if its a “rule” that should be followed.) Another debatable point- when do we start wearing white? Is it Easter or is it Memorial Day?

a woman in a white dress in front of a house

For this argument, and because it’s what I believe, I’m going with white after Easter is the “rule”. Which makes this white dress season. Growing up, I always associated white dresses with weddings, and not much more, but as it turns out: I’m a fan of white dresses. And seasons where you can these chic, elegant and fun white dresses is a season I want to be in.

Sidenote- there are white dresses that do look a bit bridal, and I do recommend wearing those with caution. No one wants to be in a wedding dress when they’re not at a wedding, or they aren’t the bride. The good news? There are so many white dresses, and so many ways to wear them that being too bridal isn’t usually an issue. For this white dress, one of the things I LOVE about it is that while it’s elegant (and could be a wedding dress), the cut out and the drape lend it to any more formal affair. And while keeping white clean can be a challenge (the only downside!) this white dress always makes me feel chic and very stylish.

the back of a woman in a white dress in front of a house

So.If it’s white dress season (which I have decided it is) and we love a great white dress (which we clearly do), where do we wear white dresses? How do we celebrate white dress season?

Cocktail parties, picnics, bbqs (a bit of a bold move), dinner parties, errands, brunches, house parties, dates, and any places that may need a bit of chic-ness. While white dresses can vary from casual to more formal, my only tip is to make sure that the white dress you love is thick enough or lined to not show through.

Wearing white feels both bold and calming. Dresses like this one always make me feel a bit elevated. What does white dress season make you feel? And what white dresses do you wear?

I’ve linked some of my faves for your shopping pleasure below!

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