Sunday Chronicles: My Mimi


Some seasons are full of loss. A little more than a month after my paternal grandma passed, my maternal grandma (My Mimi) passed away this weekend. Mimi helped raised me; she became my nanny after my parents divorced. She picked me up from school, went on vacation with us, was there for every holiday and milestone. Loss comes in waves and I know the coming weeks, months and years will be full of times of grief. But this weekend, I’m focusing on how lucky I was to have Mimi in my life. Following are just a few of the things she thought me:

Pattern Mixing
She was a master at this-blending colors, patterns, and fabrics.

Mimi’s skin was amazing and she swore by Vaseline- every night. She had a few wrinkles and her skin glowed. I’ve incorporated this into my routine- and am now sad I didn’t pay attention to her neck exercises.

A secret weapon- she believed that you really didn’t need much else

Mimi was a big believer in protecting your skin from the sun, for both preventing wrinkles and fashion. As a child I laughed, but now as an adult I know my Mimi was right- and wear hats myself.

I’m now left to do what I do: write about this, wear amazing clothes, read a great book, and maybe buy a new pair of shoes.

Wishing us all love and amazing shoes this week! Xo RA

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