Sunday Chronicles: Spring Forward

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

When you woke up this morning there’s a good chance you lost an hour of sleep (if you live in the States and if you’re not in AZ. If you don’t meet those criteria, know I’m jealous of you). Daylight Saving Time (where we spring forward in the spring and fall back in the fall to try to “control” time) is not my favorite. In a week, I will love that the days seem longer and that I have more sunlight. However, right now, waking up with it being an hour earlier, and no way for me to explain all that to my cat, I’m tired.

Actually, most of us who are under Spring Forward, or Daylight Saving Time are tired. Did you know heart attacks increase during the week following the spring forward? I find that to be crazy. But, I’m not going to argue any case against who we tell time, or whether or not we should keep Daylight Saving or get rid of that- that’s above my fashion grade.

What I would like to talk about? All the things I plan on doing with my “extra” hour of sunlight. I have to spring forward, I might as well enjoy it!

Investment Piece: into joy
I plan on working in the backyard, pulling out my pool, and getting in the water. Happy hour with my feet in a pool? Sounds amazing! Eating outside in the brief time before it gets too hot? Count me in. Evening walks, reading outside, if it involves using my extra hour to be in the sun, I’m interested.

Also see: Clean the patio, clean out the garage, and get the house spring ready. AKA spring clean.

Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe

Besides the time- it feels like the year has sprung forward. It’s getting hot (not warm, hot!) where I am, and while that makes me scared for the summer, though we are supposed to have a “cold” front this week which I am now excited for. The heat makes it feel as if my wardrobe- from what I’m wearing to my wishlist- is springing forward. I’m in summer clothes, and I love it, but at the moment it feels fast. Time, not the clock, but time itself feels as if it’s gone a bit forward. The beginning of the year felt a bit slow, and all of a sudden things feel fast and busy. That could be a sign I need to adjust my personal schedule and routine, but it could also just be the season. (Most likely a combination of both!) Perhaps the best use of my new hour of daylight is to find ways to adjust to all the springing forward everything is doing!

This also means part of my “new hour” will be spent cleaning out my closet, making adjustments to my wardrobe (selling or buying or both!), and again- spring cleaning- entering the new season 100% as ready as I can be. Even if a “new hour” means I’m extra tired.

Do you spring forward? How are you dealing with losing an hour of sleep? What are you looking forward to doing with your extra hour? I hope that if you sprang forward, that today was easy on you!
Wishing us all a week of daylight and amazing shoes! XO RA

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