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How are you faring this Decemeber? I hope that it’s Merry, I hope that you’re having fun, I hope that it’s a great season. As we get further in the holiday season, and more parties, commitments and events come up, I’ve been thinking a lot about tradition. Much of this season is built on tradition –the tree, the candles, the services, the songs. And while I’m always open to new traditions, it’s the old ones from my childhood that I often look forward to the most! Below are some of my favorite childhood traditions, I’d love to know: What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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Watching the original “Miracle on 34th Street As much as humanly possible. I love this movie! In my house, the viewings being on Thanksgiving night (it does open at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, after all) and continues at least weekly through the season. I love the hopeful message, the acting, the simplicity. I’ve even been known to channel my own little Natilie Wood and say “I believe, I believe, it’s silly, but I believe” when needed.

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My paternal grandfather loved Christmas, and loved decorating for Christmas. Every year his house became a wonderland, complete with a huge tree made of lights in the front yard. So it’s not surprising that I love holiday lights. I love the parks that you go through, the neighborhoods lit up, lights in Windows –all of it. Every year my mom takes my sister and I (often on Christmas bundled in pjs) out to see the Christmas lights. We drink hot chocolate and listen to carols. And it’s magic.

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Loves, I know that cinnamon rolls aren’t the most traditional tradition. But, to me, they scream Christmas Morning. (In honesty: we also sometimes have chocolate crossiants). To this day, my sister and I wait to come down the stairs together to see what Santa has brought us. When we were little, toys filled the room and we would be so excited. As we’ve gotten older, the presents are sometimes smaller in nature; but my mom always has coffee and cinnamon rolls waiting. We eat and open presents. They’ve become a treat with added meaning, and when I see them I think about spending time with my loved ones–and that can be the sweetest thing of all.

Wishing us all tradition and amazing shoes! XO RA

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