Sunday Chronicles: Happy Lunar New Year!

a woman in a red and gold print dress worn over jeans against a wall

Some will tell you that today is the “actual” start of the new year, some will tell you that it’s a great day for luck, and some will tell you that it’s a great day to eat well. I’m going to tell you that I wish you an incredibly lucky and prosperous Year of the Water Rabbit (you can read more about the year of the rabbit here, and more about Lunar New Year here). While not a part of my traditions growing up, as an adult, this celebration is a tradition I love to respectfully celebrate- aka I wear red, appreciate the day, and usually buy myself something fun as it can’t hurt if it’s lucky, right?

With that being said. It’s not my place to wade into the discourse about Lunar New Year, or tell you how to celebrate. In fact, these was one of those topics that I was a little hesitant about posting as I know it’s not mine, and never want to step on toes. Or sound like an insensitive “influencer” who only cares about pretty packaging. If this is a holiday that you grew up celebrating, I would love to hear more about how you did so? What did you do, eat, wear, and wear there any special traditions that you loved? What do you do to mark Lunar New Year now?

While I dabble in astrology, the Lunar Year chart is not my specialty- though I know I’m an Earth Sheep. From my understanding, the year of the Water Rabbit is supposed to be lucky, and bring prosperity to us. I’m crossing my fingers for us all. As I mentioned, today is a day I usually buy myself a little lucky “charm” for the new year. I’m partial to red lipstick- for the color, and I’m always charmed by the Lunar New Year Packaging (cliche but true). However, there are all sorts of Lunar New Year charms- from rabbit shoes to bags to silks and knits. While I am partial to skincare, there’s something for us all. I’ve linked all of my faves for you below!

Whatever this day means to you, I hope that it is a good day. That the year brings us all luck, abundance, and all the things we love. Happy New Year!

Wishing us all a week of luck and amazing shoes! XO RA

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Absolutely in love with the Tory Burch Lunar New Year Line:

And you can shop all my faves from skincare to more here