Sunday Chronicles: Happy Mother’s Day!

InvestmentPiece: Mom's Style

A day for celebrating Mother’s is so great- and yet it can hold grief. I’m lucky today as I get to be with my book club, with my mom, and with a woman who’s like a mom to me. I also get to mother my cats, my shoes, and myself. I hope that if you’re feeling a loss, I hope there’s peace. There are so many ways to be a mom. Even without kids. There are so many ways to mother yourself. No matter what today means for you, I wish you celebration, joy, and love. May this day land gently.

Here’s to us all!


Happy Mother’s Day

Investment Piece: Happy Mother's Day

I hope today is a day where all types of mother’s in your life get celebrated. I hope there’s champagne and love and rest. I’m off celebrating my mom, and we come back tomorrow with new content!

Also, I know today is hard for many people. If you’ve lost a mom, aren’t a mom and would like to be, or any other combination, I hope that today brings you peace and love. There are so many different types of moms, and so many different kinds of love. I’m wishing you the kind you need today.

Happy Mother’s Day!