Fashion Stories: Holiday Pjs

Investment Piece: Holiday PJs

My family has a tradition, matching pjs on Christmas Eve. It’s the one “present” we can open early, we change into them right away, and stay up drinking champagne, laughing and enjoying each other. I know that we had matching pjs at different times growing up-there’s pictures of my sister and I in them- but this tradition has grown stronger as we’ve gotten older.

It’s currently one of my favorite times and things of the holiday season.

Investment Piece: Holiday PJs

This year has been- all of those things. (Are you tired of hearing about it? I am) Lounge wear, fancy pjs, all those things have been staples all year, so I’ve been worried that one of my favorite things would also be a causality of 2020. This time of year, when so much shuts down and in a “normal” time it’s fun to stay in pjs are we going to want pjs? Celebrate being in them? Or will this tradition be tossed aside in the coming years as we (hopefully) don’t have to stay in?

Investment Piece: Holiday Pjs

My family ordered our pjs. And though there are days when putting on real pants is noteworthy, I’m excited about them. Holiday pjs aren’t just pjs, they’re part of a story, a tradition, something bigger than just comfort. Though comfort they do bring.
The minute we decided on a pattern, I started getting excited. Maybe I’ve been more casual this year, but holiday pjs are a part of my holidays as an adult, and I’m glad that we’re still doing them.

Note-holiday or fancy pjs are a great gift to yourself, and would even be festive on Zoom!

This year there are traditions that have to change, and while change can be hard it can also be good. However, knowing that I can match my mom and sister is something I’m glad we’re hanging onto!

I’d love to know- what are some of your fashion traditions at this time of year? Have they changed?

If you’re in need of some holiday pjs I love these from Target (and you can order online, pick up in store so you can get them in time!)

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