Holiday Sanity

 a woman in a plaid shirt and black pants sitting by a green reindeer

Halloween is barely over – I haven’t even put up the decorations- and yet, it feels as if the HOLIDAYS are already breathing down our neck (and I know that the holidays usually means American and Christian traditions and if those aren’t yours I see you!). Though, let’s be honest, if you’ve been to the shops any time lately the holidays have been coming (aka my local stores swapped out Halloween deals for Christmas deals and decorations about two weeks ago). This is where I want to give you tips on how to navigate the holidays and keep your sanity in tact.

I want to tell you that I have every post, holiday outfit, holiday gift, and holiday trip planned. This is where I could tell you that I’m so ahead on gift guides, writing, plans, and all of the holiday things that I can just sit back and relax, enjoy November and have a stress free holiday season.

Yet. I would be lying to you.

This season I have big plans for gift guides (something that I struggle with so I’m excited to share my plans with you!), my outfits are still somewhat in flux- as are my plans- and while I’m aiming high and want to take each moment as it comes- I’m not ahead. There’s a chance you could even say I’m not over prepared. (Which I long to be each year at this time) So, with all of (waves hands at all we’re supposed to be doing and all that’s going on) how do we stay sane during the holiday season? How do we enjoy it as it’s happening and not worry about what we “should” be doing?

This is where I tell you that I’m not sure. However I can share what I’m doing to keep my sanity- holiday and otherwise.

a woman in a plaid shirt sits at a table with a red bookmark and a candle surrounded by greenery

From my calendar to my to-do list, I’m writing down my wants, my shoulds, my goals, and my deadlines. Attempting to break everything down into doable steps and timelines, trying to plan ahead, but not be overwhelming to myself. Does it help? For me? Yes. And sometimes, that does mean that I make double lists and then throw lists away, but constantly seeing it all helps.

While deadlines can sometimes lead to insanity, I actually find that they help me during the holiday season. I pick and keep to the days where I can no longer take on new projects, that I need to have posts done by, that I’m giving up (in the good way!) by. Sticking to my self-imposed deadlines may be a different issue, but knowing that I have the deadlines in place help me set boundaries which lead to sanity!

Giving Up
I want everything to be perfect- especially at this time of year. And while that’s a great goal, I know that it’s impossible -especially at this time of year. So. I give up. Not on everything- and it doesn’t mean that I don’t try- from outfits to posts to presents to plans. I try so hard during the holiday season. Yet, at some point, for sanity, you give up and let things be what they are and turn things off and just enjoy things. At least, that is the goal. Always. There are days when it’s easier than others, but giving up is one of the best things that I do for my holiday sanity.

I also plan ahead (and leave room for flexibility), I’ve moved to ecards and scaled down my gift list, I’ve focused on holiday things that really matter (family, friends, etc), and I’ve tried to shop in advance (with room for impulse purchases). What do you do to keep your sanity during the holiday season? How do you enjoy November without focusing on the December holidays?
I would love to hear your tips and tricks!


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