Last Minute Gift Guide

Loves, the countdown is on. There’s a great chance that you’ve already finished your shopping, and I hope, are getting some time to relax and enjoy the season! If not, you’re not alone. In my family it was legend that my grandfather wait till the last minute to get gifts. He was known to rush through the mall on Christmas Eve–hopefully you don’t have to do the same. There are still many stores that will let you rush shipping today to get your gifts in time. And while there are reasons to get your shopping done early, I like to think waiting till the last minute gives you the chance to be really creative in what you give!

These are some of my “last-minute” ideas. I like to think that they are still thoughtful, and still let you give your loved ones what they want!

Investment Piece: Last Minute Gift Guide
I found this on Facebook! And while I’m not concerned with the clutter, I love some of these ideas- they are close to my own!

The above list has incredibly thoughtful gifts, that are also very easy to give at the last minute. I have all sorts of thoughts and ideas for gifts like these that you can pick up at the last minute, but they tend to fall into two main categories!

Cash/Gift Cards
Who doesn’t want cash and who wasn’t raised to think that giving cash might be a little tacky? (Please don’t let me be the only one with my hand up!) Yes, cash can come off as an afterthought. However, as someone who’s Wishlist is often very expensive, when I’ve been given help towards the big items (yes, shoes, but we all have a thing) I’ve wanted, it’s always meant a lot and made me feel seen. And anything from coffee to spin classes (though a love note: DO NOT GIVE ANY SORT OF GYM MEMBERSHIPS TO SOMEONE WHO HASN’T ASKED FOR IT) are lovely ways to support what your loved ones love to do. Or help get them what they want.

Classes and Experiences
Gym. Art. Acting. We all have a thing we love or want to try, and a class is a great way to encourage that passion. I’m also a big lover of experiences. There are quite a few girlfriends with whom I don’t exchange gifts, we just meet for a nice dinner, girls trip, or day out. Presence is often the best present and anything from a day just spent together to lavish meals are a great way to show how you care.

What do you give at the last minute? I’d love to know!

And if you are counting on 2 day shipping I have a ton of ideas (check the LiketoKnowit App, the pictures in the menu, as well as here, here, and here).

Happy Gifting!

And a note about the holiday: tomorrow and Wednesday we will be off enjoying time with our family! We are so grateful to be a part of your life and hope that you have a wonderful holiday! We’ll be back Friday and active on IG (@racheladelicia) all week! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!