Gift Guide: Kids

Loves, I don’t have kids. (This is where I make a joke that I have shoes instead. It’s supposed to be charming) BUT I do consider myself a great “fun aunt” and godmother. I’m known for giving books and red boots (they’re a thing) and asking a LOT of questions so I can get the kids EXACTLY what they want.

I also like to think that being good at shopping makes up for not knowing what the “in” thing is for kids. (Though in my experience you can never go wrong with dinosaurs!) The following are things I would give to the kids in my life (and maybe even me!)

If you know what the cool kids like, feel free to let us know!

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Investment Piece: Gift Guides Kids
I love these picks for the little girls in your life.

Investment Piece: Gift Guides Kids
And these are perfect for the little boy in your life!

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Kids
These are not toys. In fact, they aren’t necessarily for kids. BUT, one of my favorite memories is learning to cook with my grandmas and mom, and these Star Wars kitchen items are perfect for anyone in your life who loves both the Force and cooking. Kids come in all ages!

I also picked out some really cool toys:

And books:

I hope these ideas help you pick out the perfect gift for the kids in your life!

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