Sunday Chronicles: Last Minute Stress

Investment Piece: A Merry Little Christmas

By date, we still have over half of December left, there are still 14 days until Christmas. So, why does it feel as if anything we’re doing right now is last minute?

Maybe it’s that this year we were all encouraged to shop early due to the supply chain. Maybe it’s that every year the holiday season seems to go faster and faster. I’m not sure. All I know is that while (hopefully at this writing) all the decorations are planned, the meals are set, the shopping is done- so why do I feel like I’m behind?

There’s always more that we can all do (even on the holidays), and the weeks before the holidays intensify those feelings. Right now I’m not only thinking about all I should be doing for the holiday, but for the new year, the first few weeks of the new year- stressing about what I haven’t gotten done and all the things that I should do. It’s beginning to feel all last minute, and a bit stressful.

When I begin to feel that way, these are the steps I take to make sure that I don’t let the last minute stresses get to me (have tips? I’m all ears! The comments are open!)

-Make lists. To do lists. Done lists. What I’m ok with putting off lists. Sometimes seeing the big picture and the steps helps me put into perspective where I should really be putting my energy. Each day I make a must do list, and each night I compare it to my overall to-do list. Time consuming? Maybe? But it keeps me on top of my last minute holiday doings.

-I make peace. Each year I keep thinking that this is the year I’ll have it all together and the holidays will be perfect. And while each year is amazing, there’s always something that is different from my “plans” (for better or for worse). So, I make an effort to not get too attached to my plans, and to make peace with what won’t get done- or what will get done but differently than I thought. Does it help with last minute stress? Yes. Absolutely, as it lets me let go of things.

-I tell people I’m stressed. I know this isn’t what we’re “supposed” to do. Many people consider it uncouth- but truly telling the people that I love that I’m feeling stress from the last minute things I (think) I have to do or feel pressure on helps me. More often than not, my people let me know what I can let go of, what really matters to them, and then we can all adjust. It’s a part of being honest about what I can deliver, but also lets my people be honest about what they need.

These little methods aren’t full proof, there are still times when I feel last minute stress and worry about all the things that happen (good and bad) last minute. However, these things do help me with last minute stress – and getting things done last minute. I would love to know what works for you!

Wishing us all a week of no last minute stress and amazing shoes