Sunday Chronicles: Minor Holidays

Investment Piece: Dressing like Freedom

When I was a kid, I was extremely aware of every day we had off school. I tracked them, I looked forward to them, from in-service days to long winter breaks I always had them in my calendar, had plans (even to just stay home) and could name them. As an adult, I wish I could be on top of holidays. It’s not that I don’t know the major ones, or do my calendar, but unless I have major plans often minor holidays escape my attention.

Sad? True? I often know it’s holiday like President’s Day (our current minor holiday in America) because of the sales.

And sales are something I’m a big fan of (tomorrow I’ll be sharing my sales picks!). But I also think holidays- even the minor ones- are something worth celebrating. Maybe it’s that as I get older I more and more understand that we shouldn’t “save” things for special occasions (every day is special), or maybe it’s that any chance I get to relax or travel or be with people I love is a chance I want to take advantage of- but minor holidays are beginning to be some of my favorites.

Ironic when you consider I have a more difficult time keeping track of them.

While when I was in school these minor holidays were something I had plans for, and now they as often sneak up on me and they come as a wonderful surprise! Imagine- suddenly discovering you have a day off!** If you’ve been planning for days like President’s day trips, parties, may be on your calendar. Yet, maybe you’re like me and Monday being a holiday was something you learned about via sales emails. And while I have things I “could” do, there’s not a deadline I must meet. Meaning, this minor holiday is my day- to rest, recoup, watch tv, shop, anything my heart desires.

**Side note, I know not every minor holiday is a day off, as many companies or fields don’t always give time off. There have been plenty of holidays that I’ve spent working-maybe that’s part of why I can sometimes have a difficult time remembering them!

How decant is a day where you don’t have to do anything? There is, of course, the idea that we should use these minor holidays to “get ahead” and work on things- and while that’s valid, and I may do a bit of that- I’m trying to take minor holidays as a time to use for me. In any of those wonderful ways I mentioned above.

So, if you need me tomorrow I may be on the couch, or online shopping, or watching movies, anything that leaves me ready to face the rest of the week at my best! What do you do on minor holidays? How are you spending your President’s Day?

Wishing us all a week of celebrating and amazing shoes! XO RA