Modern Preppie

Investment Piece: Modern  Preppie
Investment Piece: Modern Preppie
Investment Piece: Modern Preppie

What clique were you in while you were in high school?
I know it’s kinda a trick question because every high school was a tad bit different, but I think there are certain cliques we can all recognize: the jocks, the populars, theater kids, the nerds, the preppies, goth, and if you’re in the south, the kickers (like Cowboys).
While it sounds cliche, I was a bit of a floater- I was a theater kid but also was on dance team, and was a in the smart crowd. Rubbed elbows with the popular kids but wasn’t really one of them. And while I would have never told you that I was preppie- and in some ways I still don’t consider myself preppie- I can’t help but LOVE (like just adore) some preppie style.

To me, preppie style means certain things. Sweater Vests. Big Collars (though apparently those could also be bow girl?). I think of preppie as a clean cut, laced up, school-spirit like style.

I always associate Tory Burch and Kate Spade as preppy, but I know that they can have twists to them, which is maybe where the modern comes in?

What does preppie (or preppy? I realize I’m not sure how we spell it!) mean to you? And are you like me and when you hear “preppie” you always think of the Zach MORRIS character in Saved by the Bell?

Investment Piece: Modern Preppie
Investment Piece: Modern Preppy
Investment Piece: Modern preppie

This was my take on modern preppy. I love, love, love a good sweater vest. Paired with tailored cropped pants and a block heel. There’s just enough sass- nothing under the vest, and the snakeskin on the shoes. But it’s clean cut. Almost school girl. But not. Maybe modern preppy is a bit like hot librarian?

I would really love to know your thoughts on modern preppie- what it is, how you style it, if you love sweater vests like I do! Below I’ve linked the pieces to recreate this exact outfit AND some of my favorites from the fall collection at Tory Burch. Happy Shopping!

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This outfit:

Tory Burch Fall:

Investment Piece: Modern preppie