Are No Pants as Pants a Thing We’re Doing?

Kendall Jenner in a black sweater, black tights, black panties, black heels and carrying yellow flowers and a purse

There have been many recent celebs and runway shows lately that have shown/worn/debuted no pants as pants.

What are no pants as pants? Usually a version of some sort of short shorts/panties over tights (a la a leotard situation) as pictured above (Kendall Jenner) or below :

mui mui runway with a blonde model with black hose and gold glitter panties and a tan sweater walking a runway

When faced with these fashion options and celeb pictures I have the following thoughts:

-I often think that both runway and celeb fashion are not meant to be our every day fashion but to inspire it. The no pants as pants is a perfect example! This is more like a leotard or on stage costume look- most of us can’t do no pants as pants in our real lives (unless your real life is a broadway production) but it can inspire a lot of what you wear (or if you’re brave enough you could wear no pants as pants)

-As someone who grew up dancing and as an adult still takes ballet and barre classes these looks remind me a lot of ballet classes. Especially ballet classes when after class my mom would take me to the grocery store (or other errands) and I would have on my leotard, tights, and a jacket over. No pants as pants doesn’t truly phase me as I always look at it as someone being picked up from dance class and then being taken on errands. In fact, as an adult I often wear my leggings to the store after class and it’s take on no pants as pants

a woman in leotard,pink hose, leg warmers and a sheer skirt
a woman in a leotard

-there are also many ways that are not runway or celeb (because in real life no pants is not always an option) to take this trend into your own style. One way is to wear tights under everything from mini dresses to shorts Ala :
a woman in a sweatshirt dress, black hose, and over the knee boots
a woman in black hose and heels, brown shorts, and a black turtleneck and purse

-No pants as pants can be something that you ignore or it can be a workout style or you can be brave and incorporate no pants into your everyday style (from no pants to minis over hose). There are so many options for you- brands are currently offering an no pants legging option, and of course I’m a fan of mini dresses/shorts/etc over hose to mimic no pants. And of course, if you are too afraid of minis a bit longer skirt or short over hose would also mimic the no pants as pants!

runways model with a sheer skirt over hose

Of course, if you want to mesh trends you could wear sheer (skirts, dresses, pants) over no pants as a cross over trend of sheer and no pants-but that feels like a lot (or a little bit of layering! and another post!)

In short, or no pants, this is a trend that for some reason is not a trend that shocks me (it may be the ballet core in me), but I would love to know your thoughts on it!? Does no pants as pants shock you? Could you adjust it to your style? Is it something you could see you in? I would love to hear about all your no pants as pants!