Party’s Over?

Investment Piece: Party's Over?

We tend to stereotype things. For example, you could think of the holiday months (November -NYE), all the celebrations, the food, the drink, the merriment, as long one party, you could think of January as when the party’s over.

There is some validity to that theory. And the ending of parties can be depressing. The dresses get put away, the decorations come down, the guests go home. In our stereotypes, January is a time of restrictions (resolutions, diets) and the cutting back after so much excess. If you look at January in this light- that the party’s over- it can be bleak.

But, what if I told you that January isn’t the end of a party, it’s just a different kind of party. Perhaps there aren’t large indulgences or as many party dresses (Though when have you known me not to wear a party dress?!), however, I love the kind of party that January is- the kind where we get to reset, reassess, and replan for all our parties to come.

Investment Piece: to all the parties

As much as I love the holiday joy, I get another exquisite joy from taking a step back in the month of January. I usually take the first week to really think about what I want to do in the year, who I want to be, what I want to wear. Taking a day or two to write it all out, then a few more days to really refine my goals, and make plans. It can seem like a lot, especially if this is the week you’re jumping into cleaning out your closet or a new routine, but I find that really thinking about what I want lets me set myself up for success.

While I’m no advice columnist I think the time helps- just like closet clean outs or new habits, nothing (even Rome) was built in a day. On the other hand, you do have to start.

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One of my core beliefs is that fashion is a way that we tell our stories. Taking time to be intentional about what kind of stories we’re telling may not be a champagne rager, but it’s fun! Let January be the month you decide what you want, you try things on, you edit the masterpiece that is your life. Maybe the changes are big- or maybe they’re small, but it is something to celebrate when you’re choosing your routines, outfits, and attitudes on purpose. (Note, every year there is a lot out of our control, but I’m just enough of an optimist to believe that being intentional about what we want helps).

Party’s over? No. The party’s just changed.

True to my word, I’m spending the next week really thinking about what I want this year- planning and shopping. I’ll be sharing it here and on IG (@racheladelicia). Even if it’s January, I’ll still be in plenty of party dresses, but I’m also excited for more casual fashion (lounge sets, etc). Things have been a lot the past few yeas, but I’m excited for this year, I’m excited that you’re here, and I’m excited to keep the party going.

Here’s to a week of goals and amazing shoes!
xo RA

Investment Piece: Party's Over