Pink Power

a woman in a hot pink dress, hot pink tights and hot pink boots
woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights and boots

Every October I do at least one post in a pink outfit. It started as a way to chat about breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (please go get your mammogram. I’m also talking to myself- as that’s on my to-do list. And it’s easy to out off. But we can’t wear amazing things if we’re not here! Wanna be accountability buddies and make our appointments?) I’ve had so much fun each year coming up with pink outfits and “celebrating” (I know that’s not the word but I can’t really put my finger on what is) the month. Yet, ironically, if you were to ask me, I’d tell you that I’m not really a pink person.

But the thing about pink is- it can grow on you. And, like anything else, once I’ve found my shade of pink, it’s became one of my favorites. Hot pink is the pink for me- from gowns to suits, it has snuck throughout my closet so it’s almost a neutral. Perhaps, when I would say that I’m not a pink person I meant the stereotypical pink- over sweet, a bit timid, a bit young. The thing that I’m learning is that pink is power. Wearing it makes me feel powerful, the hot pink is a symbol of my power, and when you get to have fun like this how could you not want to indulge in your own pink power?

a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots, and gloves
And yes, this year’s pink outfit is a play on the Zendaya Valentino campaign and the hot pink looks that are everywhere. I’ve had this pink dress for years (it was one of my first hot pink purchases!). The boots were also from season’s past, every so often I think about culling them from my closet, but they bring me so much joy that I could never part with them. And it turns out my instinct was right (and maybe gives strength to the argument that everything comes back and you shouldn’t get rid of things!). The tights and gloves were simple purchases, and super easy to find! Putting my own take on the look of the moment was so incredibly fun- and once again the pink was powerful!

a woman in a hot pink dress and tights and boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots, and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress with tights, boots, and gloves

One of the things that changed my stance about pink, and power, besides how great it looks, was that I realized that my power- the things that make me special from my sarcasm to how I cry easily to my ability to make leopard work with anything- is my own. My power can be soft, it can be chic, and can be pink. What do you wear when you need to feel powerful? What’s your stance on pink?
And when is your mammogram?

I’ve linked similar shoes and dresses for your shopping pleasure below! Both the tights and gloves were found on Amazon if you want those as well!

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