Short. Suit.

I went to update this look/post and realized I shot almost frame for Frame the same looks. Some things never change? Or classics always last? Either way, suits are in this season- I’m into the pant/vest/blazer look – but I also LOVE these, and keep going back to them!

a woman in white shorts and blazer in front of a brick wall
 a woman in white shorts and blazers and platforms in front of a brick wall
a woman in white shorts and a blazer, platform shoes in front of a brick wall

We all know that I love a good juxtaposition. And I do. But the one I may love the most? A short suit. AKA a pair of shorts and a blazer- which bares the question- could any shorts and blazer be a suit? That may be a question for a much longer post, but what I do know is that I LOVE a good short suit. Try saying that 5 times fast.

This is where I let you know (as with every set) that with a suit that you can style every piece a million different ways- the shorts, the blazer – together, apart- all a million different ways.

But, a short suit is especially dear to my heart. Because it’s very professional. And very easy to style for a party.

Check out this video for more styling tips:

I do love this short suit as is (Aka I pinned the blazer to make it a top)
A woman in white shorts and a blazer in front of a brick wall

And then of course you could wear any top of your liking underneath the blazer (or with the shorts). I paired a silk shirt and switched my shoes from platforms to heels to elevate the look:

A woman in a silk shirt, white shorts and blazer, heels in front of a brick wall
a woman in a silk shirt, shorts and a blazer with heels in front a brick wall

This variation is perfect for any work (in the hotter months) event. Or any event where shorts may be appropriate but you need to elevate the look.
Of course the most versatile aspect of a short suit is that you can style any short suit for a part like:
a woman in white shorts and blazer with a black straless bathing suit and heels in front of green trees
A woman in a black sleeveless bathing suit, white shorts, a purple scarf and heels

Yep.That’s a short suit styled with a strapless bathing suit (scarf optional).

Short. Suits are one of my most favorite things, and vey en vouge, ad the encompass all of your casual needs while looking completely professional.

You can find short suits new. Vintage. Make your own with your favorite shorts and blazer. A short. suit. is what you make it. Perhaps that’s what I like most about it!
Below I’ve linked this short suit and other options, as well as shoes.
Note: These heels are my beloved Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals and you can get $50 off your own pair with code SARAHFLINT-BAINVESTMENTPIECE.

How are you wearing a short suit?

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