Sunday Chronicles: Behind

Boxes with Christmas lights and bows

Is it me or does being behind feel so much more behind during the holidays? I usually have a to-do list and parts of the house to clean, deadlines to meet, etc. And yet, during the holidays there’s all of that- and 10x more errands (from gift buying to food), more cleaning (because somehow decorating causes a bit of a mess before it all looks so pretty!), more to-dos (all of that plus extra card writing, parties, appts, etc)- which makes all of the things that I need to do much larger (longer?) than any other time of year. Each year I tell myself that I’ll be ahead for the holidays- decorate and shop early, send cards and pre-write posts, so that I can spend the season really enjoying the parties and the jolly.

Yet, this year? With all of those good intentions. I’m behind. My to-do list seems just to grow and shoots, cleaning, and me time seem to be at the bottom of the list. Not to mention that I haven’t even started shopping for gifts (for others!) And being behind at this time of year feels so much more behind than any other time of year. I’ve written about holiday stress before (see here), as it seems that holiday stress isn’t a new thing. I still haven’t figured out how to deal with holiday stress, other than getting through it, though this year, as behind as I am (because it’s not just a feeling), I have a plan.

My next week is insane. I need to shoot and write blog posts, clean, do errands, clean- all while I’ve booked a print job! (Which I am incredibly grateful for and excited about- if you’re new here, my other “job” is acting/modeling- and I can’t be more thrilled to book! However, that means that there’s a chance a good part of my week involves 12 hour days working on things that aren’t mine) However, my goal is to push myself: Today through Tuesday, get the most done: shoots, cleaning, all the errands, all the writing. I work on the print gig Wed-Friday. Then I’ll take Saturday off (Aka there’s a chance I may be sleeping all day!), then hit the ground running NEXT Monday to finish everything off, in the hopes that I can be done by next Wednesday or Thursday, and then take some time off (except for posting sales and outfits!). A bit ambitious? Perhaps, and there may come time where I decide that what’s not done just won’t get done and call it no longer behind. But, I’m hoping that I can use all the deadlines and the stress to go from behind to on time. (I worry about aiming for ahead!)

Being behind this year feels awful. It’s not just one thing, it’s feels like ALL the things, and like being behind gets in the way of the joy. I’m trying to remind myself that it’s ok to take time for joy, that what absolutely needs to get done will get done, and that behind is a state of mind. That sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. What are your tips for dealing with being behind at that holiday season? Do you ever get ahead?

Wishing is all a week of completed to-do lists and amazing shoes!

Sunday Chronicles: Behind

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles

I was raised by women who believe in being on time. In fact, not on time, early. 15 mins early is on time? More like 30. I was a straight A student in high school, and was also raised to be prepared.

Both lessons I’ve tried to take into my adult life as much as possible.

Loves, I am behind. Not a little behind. Not 5 mins late. Behind, as in there are days when I wonder at what point am I catching up and at what point am I starting over?

The reason I’m behind? More than one. Family issues came to the forefront. In the middle of cleaning out my closet, planning more than one shoot, keeping the editorial calendar current, collabs current, personal life up, back pain, etc, etc. The last few weeks have been filled with feelings of overwhelm. And the knowledge that I’m behind, and would rather be ahead.

I’m not sure how to get in front once we’re behind. Do you? The following is what I’ve been doing, and it does help, though I’m sure that there might be better techniques (and if you’ve got them I would love to hear them!)

I’ve been honest
With clients, friends, family, whoever has asked. It’s not an easy thing to admit. That I’m behind. That I don’t think I can make that event, or deadline. That I need to push somethings back. That there’s a lot on my plate and I need some help. But. When I don’t admit it, the behind gets worse. And I’ve found that most people get it. My clients understand and need the extra time themselves! My friends and family understand I can’t make it, or pitch in and help. In fact, it’s made some of my relationships better to admit that I need a little help. Being behind as a good thing? Maybe.

I’m so behind there’s no way I’m getting everything done in a day. Or two. So, each day I’ve tried to limit my to-do list to 2 or 3 things I KNOW I can get done. I’m still aware of allllll the things, but actually getting things crossed off helps. And when I have too much to do I tend to do nothing. Weird? Maybe. But, true, for me at least.

Be OK with it
This may be the hardest thing. There are things I’m not getting done (though maybe I will at some point) and I’m behind. If I don’t like admitting it, I sure don’t like it. But. It’s where I am. The things that HAVE to happen, are happening. And I’m finding they all happen “on time”. And the things that may not get done? Maybe they don’t have to? I’m slowly and surely learning to be ok with that. It’s not easy, but it’s helping.

I would love to hear any and all tips you have about getting ahead once you’re behind!!

Wishing us all a week of not being behind and amazing shoes!