THE Holiday Dress

a woman in a purple plaid gown and shoes in from of a stone wall and trees
a woman in a purple plaid dress and shoes in front of a stone wall and trees
a woman in a plaid purple gown and shoes in front of stone wall and trees

Tis the season for a dress. Like THE holiday dress. From holiday parties to engagements to fantasy, and let’s be honest, this kind of dress is a bit of a fantasy.Or at least, wearing it has always felt like one. Yes, there are a ton of places to wear a gown this holiday season from the ballet to the holiday parties- but gowns are special and rare. The good news is that when you wear a gown you feel both special and rare- and a bit like a fantasy. (Full disclosure, this Carolina Herrera gown was a gift, but it’s made me feel so incredibly fancy and I’m so grateful this holiday season has given me more than one opportunity to wear it.)

a woman in a purple plaid dress and shoes on a stone steps with an iron gate
a woman in a purple plaid Gown by an iron gate and stone steps
a close up of a purple plaid gown and purple and rhinestone mules with heels

This gown, and let’s call it what is is, a gown, has seen me through cocktail parties, Nutcracker performances, and quite frankly some holiday pictures that have made me feel amazing. At the holidays, fantasy or big dresses are the dream, right? Like, I’ve had fantasies about dresses that make me feel like some sort of princess (or queen), but this gown fulfills all of those! And from events to parties, this dress fits right in! The train, the fit, the details. It’s both fantasy and yet holiday greatness.

What do you look for in a holiday dress? Function can be a bit easy. Fantasy, THE dress? A bit more imagination is needed (but I believe in your imagination!) And, of course, THE dress, may be different for all of us. What does THE holiday dress look like for you?

a woman in a purple plaid dress in a stone walkway with a tree

*Note, an easy low cost hack for this exact look would be a maxi trench coat with heels* Also Note these shoes are seasons old but I’ve found you similar!
What are you wearing for your most special holiday look this year? I would love to know!

This gown was a gift, and I’m so grateful for it! Again, a hack is to get a long trench and wear it as a dress. This is a Carolina Herrera, and while I’ve linked some for you below, I’m also available to search for you a resale one (which is how I get most of my designer things! Resale is great, and after the holidays is the best time of year to shop! Need help navigating? I would love to help at


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a woman in a purple plaid dress and shoes in front of a stone wall and trees