Traditional Dressing

Investment Piece: Traditional Dressing

Do you find that there’s a holiday outfit you wear year after year? Yes, when we chat about holiday dressing I usually mean holiday dresses, but there’s a whole section of traditional dressing that I find myself reaching for and restyling year after year. And the common theme among all this traditional dressing?

Plaid pants.

I forget about them for 11 months of the year, but the holidays come and all I can think about are plaid pants. Every year I think I’m being creative and fresh, but then I look back: I wear them every year. With sweaters, tshirts, sweatshirts, heels, sneakers, and more. We chat a lot about my party dresses, but plaid pants are my traditional holiday dressing.

Investment Piece: Traditional Dressing
Investment Piece: Traditional Dressing

This year I did switch it up and get new plaid pants. However, thus far I’ve kept my styling fairly traditional. (Though I’m crossing my fingers a certain top comes in today so this coming weekend I can take this tradition in a new direction!)

Investment Piece: Tradtional Dressing

Plaid pants this year are from JCrew. I’m usually a size 0 at JCrew but due to the pandemic and style (I wanted them a bit loose) I ordered a size 2. They are a bit bigger than I expected- the waist has some elastic and they are wider cut than I was expecting. I’m happy with the fit, but if I were to reorder I would probably stick with my “size”.

Investment Piece: Traditional Dressing

Traditions can bring us comfort, can help us mark time, and tie us to our past while moving us forward. My traditional dressing does all that for me. The holiday season doesn’t seem to start until I wear plaid pants. And while my styling is similar year after year, it always feels like home.

Will I switch up my plaid routine? Of course, as I tell new stories. Do I love telling the traditional dressing stories I love? Yes.

What’s a holiday outfit you find yourself reaching for or recreating year after year? Below I’ve linked some of my current favorite plaid pants if you want to join me in traditional dressing with plaid!

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Investment Piece: Traditional Dressing