White Out

There are two minds about when it is appropriate to wear white pants (especially if you’re from the south-in America)

One is that you wait till Easter. Easter is a day for white outfits and from then on out you can wear white.
Another train of thought is that you wait till Memorial Day (ie End of May)before it’s oak to wear white (pants), etc.
My family (though they are firm that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day) are of the camp that Easter is when white (pants, outfits, all of it!) is aok! to wear. And because, this is the first day that this rule would be in place- here is a round up of some of my favorite white (pants and skirts and etc) outfits that are now ask (as my great-grandma would say!)
a woman in a white dress in front of a house
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Investment Piece: The one that almost didn't happen
ke clutch in front of a fence
Investment Piece: Winter Whites

Are you wearing white from now on? Are you waiting for Memorial Day? I would love to hear all about any and all opinions you have!

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a woman in white pants and a white top with wedge sandals and a snake clutch in front of a fence