Crazy for Blazers

Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers
Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers
Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers
Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers
Investment Piece: Crazy for Blazers

Loves, we’ve chatted about Blazers. In fact, we’ve chatted about these Blazers before. Need a refresher? Read all about them here.

Not a lot has changed. I’m still such a big fan of the blazer. As a top on its own. Over your favorite dress. Worn with pants and a tank. There’s not really a wrong way to do a blazer. And this Duchess blazer from Amberleaf is still one of my go-to’s. Sturdy and lined, yet with just enough sheen to feel special.

I still love Amberleaf. This mother/daughter duo, based in Austin, TX, are creating classic clothing that feels modern. And the way these classic Blazers (and dresses and now pants!) are made warm my heart. Amberleaf creates everything by hand-from pattern to product. The idea is affordable luxury, and the fabrics are picked with both durability and the look in mind. The price point is kept affordable on purpose (luxury isn’t just for the top), and the styles are multi-generational. (That’s just a fancy way to say my mom and I both love them! Do we style the pieces differently? Yes, but isn’t that the fun?) However, my most favorite thing about Amberleaf (besides the clothes) is the way the clothes are made. Not just handmade, Amberleaf sources bolts of fabric, not pieces of an item. What does that mean for you? Most of the pieces are made to order, and there’s as little waste as possible. And you get a stunning piece, in this case a blazer.

About this time, you may be wondering : what’s the update? We get that Amberleaf is a company to support. And that these stunning Blazers are worth adding to your closet (all of the different ways you can wear them!). Really? I just got more pictures in and couldn’t wait to share them with you. Over a fringe skirt. With a slip dress. Paired with flare jeans. And as a traditional suit (even if the pants aren’t traditional). The Duchess blazer has taken me from work to event to drinks with a girlfriend–and isn’t that what a great blazer should do?

I hope you check out Amberleaf and that you love them as much as I do. Use the code RACHELADELICIA when you shop their site, and we will keep you informed of specials and new items!

Happy Shopping!


Note: This post is part of a partnership I have with Amberleaf. This is in no way affects pricing for you (though you may be offered a discount), and I may earn commission from your purchase. Thank you for your support!

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