The Duchess

Investment Piece: The Duchess
Investment Piece: The Duchess
Investment Piece: The Duchess
Investment Piece: The Duchess
Investment Piece: The Duchess

Loves, this post is a part of my partnership with AmberLeaf. While I may earn communion, this does not affect any price for you. My opinions are my own, I truly love not only these pieces, but am in love with Amberleaf and the two amazing women who run it. You’ll be hearing about them now and then, but rest assured that my take on any product is that–my take. Now, let’s get to shopping! XO RA

I think I would make a great Duchess. What do I have to back me up on that theory? My fashion sense, desire to help others, and how I look in this blazer. What? Like wearing a blazer called The Duchess isn’t prove that you shouldn’t be a duchess? Nonsense.

We all know that the 9 to 5 world is not one that I dwell in (though I do love me a good suit). However, I LOVE a great blazer. From the aforementioned suits, to jeans, to over a dress or with a skirt, there’s always a place for a blazer. They can instantly pull an outfit together, and are great for people like me who tend to get cold (even in the heat). My favorite kind of blazer? The kind that goes great with dress pants (see above), with flares and a graphic tee, with a skirt (see above), pants, or can be a jacket that doesn’t look like a jacket over a “going-out outfit”.

Did I just age myself with the use of the phrase “going-out outfit”? If so, let’s just pretend I said whatever the kids are saying. A fancy outfit?

The good news for me? The Duchess does all these things that I love, and more. The fabric has a subtle sheen, meaning it goes over my cocktail dresses and looks great with my jeans. I can belt it (see above, also side note-I love a great blazer as a top, don’t ever be afraid to belt them) or let it rest on your shoulders. I tried on the whole Duchess line and every single color is stunning, and versatile.

Now, here’s the great news for you. For a limited time the code DUCHESSS30 gets you $30 off the Duchess blazer at AmberLeaf. Don’t forget to put the code RACHELADELICIA in the seller notes for anything you buy (it keeps you up to date on all the things Amberleaf and I have planned for you, and let’s them know you’re one of mine!)!

I know in my heart of hearts that you will love the Duchess as much as I do. And, for fun, if we just started calling ourselves Duchesses when we had our Blazers on, that could be a thing. Right?


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