Waiting on Rebel…

Hi All!!Thank you for your prayers and vibes and everything- Rebel made it home!! We are currently catching up on pets and treats and cuddles and wet food. And re-thinking our policy on feeding outdoor cats/letting him see them! I truly appreciate all your great thoughts- as I know it helped my handsome prince get home!

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As some of you know: I’m the most reluctant cat mom that ever was. But, like anything else – once I’m in, I’m all in. This summer I brought in a reformed feral cat Rebel- and he and I bonded intensely. Lately, a new neighborhood cat has been coming around – and Rebel has had his guard and protection mode up. Yesterday morning, he escaped the house trying to chase this cat away. At the time of writing he still isn’t home. To say I’m beside myself is an understatement.

I know- there should be new content and I should have a brave face on. I’ve spent the past day in sweats, sobbing, searching and waiting for Rebel to come home. Cool? No. Real life? Yes.

On Wednesday we’ll chat fashion stories and get dressed. But for now, if you could send heading home vibes to Rebel this all in cat momma would appreciate it.


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