Fashion Gives Back: SiiZU

Investment Piece: Fashion Gives Back: SiiZU

As a fashion lover there are times when I feel as if I’m faced with a dilemma. Wear things that are amazing and fashionable, but maybe not the best for the planet or the people that make the fashion. Or support companies that give back, and give up fashion. Loves, I don’t like to settle. I have this weird belief that we should get want we want, and that doing good and being fashionable don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are amazing companies out there who give back’ and lucky for us some of them make stunning fashion. Fashion Gives Back, and we’re the winners!

The company I fell in love with this month? SiiZU

Investment Piece: Fashion Gives Back: SiiZU

Yes, I care about giving back. But loves, in all honesty, the thing that draws me in is always the fashion. (I can’t help it!) And SiiZU doesn’t disappoint in the fashion! Think of it like a sustainable Zara: they have great basics, but they’re made with care from quality fabrics. And the styles are one you’ll wear over and over again.

(Right now, I’m in love with this black trench):
Investment Piece: FAshion Gives back: Siiuz

And if the clothes weren’t dreamy enough, SiiZU’s philosophy is enough to make you fall in love. Their promise? The clothes are high quality, made with eco-friendly materials (there are no toxins, everything is organic), the prices are affordable, there is little waste, every purchase gives back to the American Forest, and there is no middle man. Did I mention the clothes are gorgeous?

Investment Piece: Fashion Gives Back: SiiZU

Investment Piece: Fashion Gives Back: SiiZU

SiiZU’s selection of silks, wools, cashmere, tencel, and linens (and of course, cotton), are sourced from the best eco-friendly factories and sources. When things come from a great place, you can feel good about them–and that’s before you feel how amazing these fabrics feel against your skin. (SiiZU also ensures that all of the factories they use are safe, and the workers are paid a living wage. It’s something to feel even better about!)

And the cherry on top? SiiZU donates 10%of every purchase to the American Forest, a program which plants trees to offset our carbon footprint, and replace the trees that are lost to manufacturing.

I love that when shopping SiiZU, I don’t have to choose between doing good and feeling good. Take a look at SiiZU and fall in love, too!

Happy Shopping!

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