Fashion Halloween: A Look Back

I LOVE Halloween. And I LOVE costumes! Maybe it’s the actress in me, but especially with fashion Halloween, I love thinking about a character, getting an outfit together, and getting to be someone for a night!

Full confession: by Halloween night I’m usually in this:

Investment Piece: I put a spell on you

On the couch watching “Hocus Pocus”. But I still love playing dress up throughout the month. This year, I have 2 costumes I can’t wait to share with you (hint: they both involve PJS!), but while we wait for the big reveal next week, I couldn’t help but look back at Fashion Halloweens of the past.

From mermaids to Lady MacBeth, Betty Draper to the Birds- I’ve loved each of these costumes! From planning to getting to be these women for a day, it was a thrill!

Do you know what you’re being for Halloween yet?

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