Fashion in the Wild: Summer Inspiration

What are you doing about summer plans? Are you making them?
I’ll be honest, I’m trying to make peace with the fact that I think we might be in lockdown/quarantine/etc for a long while. And that’s both ok and not okay. I’m not booking trips, which makes me sad. But I’m planning home projects that I’m hoping make staying in fun. And of course, I’m looking for ways to keep up with friends and all the things.
So, now for another important question: what are you gonna wear this summer? I’ll be honest, there are days I’m not really changing from yoga pants, and days when I change outfits 2-3 times as I want to wear so much. My goal? To put together a summer wardrobe that feels chic, keeps me cool, and makes me feel like I’m getting dressed each day.

Inspiration can come and go, even in the best of summers when it gets so hot. So, every year around this time I take a look back at the summers before and see what worked. What inspiration can I gleam from past outfits? (It’s like window shopping but in your own closet, so you can also see what pieces you might need or outfits you can throw on today!)

Here are some of my outfits past that I keep going back to for summer inspiration:

If you need me I’ll be looking through my closet and the current sales to see what kinds of stories I want to tell this summer!
What inspires you?


Fashion in the Wild: the SwimSuit

Loves, I have some shocking news for you. It’s summer. And I’m in a swimsuit. In fact, I’m wearing a swimsuit with EVERYTHING. Pants. Skirts. Shorts. Capes. Alone. With anything I can get my hands on. I have a thing for swimsuit fashion. So much so that I made a little video about it:

It happens every year : the temps go up and my bathing suits come out. Not just to the pool, beach, or under a cover up, but as a base for many, many outfits. This summer may see me hang out more in the back yard, but I’m still using my swim suit as fashion inspiration. ¬†As I shop and put together outfits, I’ll be sharing them with you. In the mean time, stay cool and healthy and in your swimsuit!


First Monday in May

In “normal” times today would be the #MetGala. It’s a favorite event of mine for so many reasons: the Art, the fashion, the themes, the looks that aren’t translatable to real life, the big swings, and the misses. The first Monday in May is not only an “event”, it’s a great documentary, a grand time, and usually leads to memorable moments. This first Monday is different, and there is nothing I could post that could make it the “same”. However, there is still something about this first Monday that’s special. If you’re following the hashtag #MetGalaChallenge on Instagram, you’ll see so many people recreating looks from past galas (I almost posted my faves here, but didn’t want to post other’s work without permission, but encourage you to search, I’ll be re-posting things I love on IG today!). Here, I’d love to showcase looks I love that might be a bit much, or could be styled to be a bit much. And yes, there is a more than good chance that today I’ll dress up, be extra, and let myself enjoy this first Monday in May. What about you?

Looks that could be used for Met Gala:

Investment Piece: First Monday in May
This Jacket
Investment Piece: First Monday in May
Vintage Gowns
Investment Piece: First Monday in May
Bold Prints
Stuart Weitzman, Saks, cape, vintage, high fashion, blogger, Ft Worth, TX, CA, InvestmentPiece
Who can go wrong with a cape?
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, dresses, spring cleaning, high fashion, CA TX
Sheer with jeans
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, high fashion, vintage, 1902s, fringe, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, lady in red, vintage, gown, fashion blogger, CA, TX
investment Piece, NYE
More gowns, I can never resist them!

My favorite show stopper.

I have so many favorite pieces: part dresses, gowns, vintage, and so on. From my child hood I have loved being bold in my choices, and dressing up. The first Monday in May is a time to celebrate that. And while we can’t be together, and the Met Gala isn’t happening, today I’m choosing to love the side of myself that very well may be in a BIG look today. Any of these pieces, mixed, matched, might do! Be sure to follow me on Instagram – @racheladelicia- for #MetGalaChallenge looks. How are you celebrating today?

Fashion in the Wild: Red Carpet

Loves! It’s red carpet season, and as an actress (and the little girl inside of me how could never say no to a party dress), it’s one of my faves. Yes, I care about so much more than the dress. BUT, I care about the dress. And the shoes. And the hair. And there’s a chance that I want one just like it! So, in the spirit of red carpets and inspiration, for this month’s Fashion in the Wild, we go Red Carpet. Most of these pics are from actual red carpets that I’ve been on (Yes, they are fun, yes, it can be nerve racking). From movie premieres to Fashion shows, each red carpet needs a little something different; but all red carpets are a chance for you to wear something you love!

So, without further ado: My red carpet stunners!

What was I wearing? Loves, it all! Real Talk? Some red carpet fashion is a fantasy: gowns, couture, and custom pieces. Is it something to add to your cart? Maybe, maybe not. Either way I’ve rounded up some pieces for us. Some are fantasy, and you can just swoon over them. Some are realistic and great for your next event. All are red carpet worthy!

Let’s chat all things red carpet: What are some of your favorite looks from this season? What are you hoping for on the Oscar’s red carpet? What would you wear in your red carpet fantasies?

Me: Gucci Gowns, Valentino Gowns, a tux. I would wear it all!

Note: This post does contain some affiliate links, while that doesn’t affect the price for you, I may earn some commission from them. Thank you for your support!

And I can think of no better place to rent your red carpet look:
Rent The Runway

Fashion Stories: NYE

If holiday dressing tells the story of tradition, joy, and family, what story does NYE dressing tell?

My guess is party! What may be best about dressing for NYE is that it truly is a make your own adventure, and an excuse to go BIG! Sequins, furs, anything and everything. Whether you’re out on the town or staying in, the story of NYE dressing can be excitement about the year to come, or saying “Ciao” to the year ending, or maybe it’s just letting your love of party dresses come out!Something else I love on NYE? (Or anytime) Tuxes. Yes, on women, or a great suit- it’s chic and a bit unexpected. Something else I love on NYE? (Or anytime) Tuxes. Yes, on women, or a great suit- it’s chic and a bit unexpected.

My little secret? I’m a fan of at-home New Years. I love luxe pj dressing: a silky gown or kimono, maybe a fur, statement shoes of course. It allows me to be relaxed and dressy at the same time. However, as we are starting the roaring 20s this year, I’m very tempted to wear a 1920s dress and go out on the town. (Throughout the year I also expect all of you to invite me to your Gatsby parties!)

What story will we wear this NYE? I’ve linked some options for all us below. I’d love to know: what are you wearing for NYE?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Fashion Stories: Street Style

We are in the middle of fashion month: NY, London, Milan, Paris. And maybe that’s not something you really care about, maybe it is. Personally? I love looking at what’s to come. What I love more? The street style. With every fashion week, there are scores of pictures of the people who attend, the people walking the streets, the non-models. Their outfits run from classic to out-there, and for me, provide an endless inspiration. I love “getting to know” these people through the stories they tell with their outfits. From what they wear I can imagine who they are, what they do, and where they shop. As someone who can plan outfits out for weeks, I love seeing people get celebrated for that. (I also love stealing ideas from them).

Below are some of my favorite Street Stlye shots from this fashion month. Let me know: what stories do you see here? What do you want to recreate? Are you an outfit planner? If you knew you were going to be photographed walking somewhere, what would you wear?

I’m fascinated by the stories our fashion tells. What about you?

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Fashion Stories: Elaine Kim Hero Vest

Note: this post is a part of my partnership with Elaine Kim, though all opinions are my own. This post also may contain affiliate links. While that does not affect price for you, I may earn commission. Thank you for your support! When shopping Elaine Kim use code RACHEL4EK to get 15% off your first order!

Does your summer need a hero? Something you can throw on with anything and everything and have it save the day? Lucky for you, I know a hero like that!

I’ve worn this vest as a dress-both work wise and play wise. I’ve worn it over my workout clothes, my bikinis, my cut offs. It would be amazing over any pant (I just can’t bring myself to be in pants when it’s blazing hot outside. If you can, you’re a stronger person than I am!) My point? This vest is one of the hardest working pieces in my closet. And in yours, it could be as well–it will also work in the fall. The vest comes in 4 colors (black, white, navy, and a desert).

Chic, comfortable, a hard worker, and able to shit seasons? That’s the kind of hero I need. I have a lot of stories to tell, and this piece helps with ALL of them.

Get your hero vest here!

Happy hero shopping!

Fashion Halloween

Have I mentioned how much I love costumes? Maybe it’s the theater in me, maybe it’s the fashion, but there’s something about planning my fashion Halloween costume that brings me such joy.

I also love seeing your costumes. Yes, it’s the beginning of the month/season. But, please, feel free to share.

This year? I’m excited about all the costumes I’m planning, I’m also thinking of all the costumes past. Let’s be real- If your goal is “fashion Halloween” there are many ways you can go about it. Wear a gown and call it a day. (You could say you’re a kind of Princess) Go all out and order a costume (one of my faves year after year is Catwoman, and I’m not sorry). So, what kind of fashion Halloween should we be this year?
I’ve been Cleopatra
Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween
Betty Draper
And Lady MacBeth
Fashion Halloween, lady Macbeth, investment piece, fashion blogger,

What do I have up my stilettos for this year? Stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s enjoy the past fashion Halloweens!

I’d love to hear your costume thoughts, plans, or suggestions!

Fashion Stories: Ossie Clark

Loves! It’s the time of month where we go into our closets to see what stories live there. This month? I was lucky enough to chat with Lauren from Timeless Vixen about her Ossie Clark collection. It’s amazing. And I can’t wait to get back into her closet and really play. Also –I’d love to come play in your closet! What do you collect?

In the meantime, let’s enjoy my convo with Lauren about her 109 pieces of Ossie Clark (yes, her closet is #goals)

Hope you enjoy!


Fashion in the Wild: Galas and Weddings

Loves, May is always one of the most fashionable months of the year. From the Met Gala to the Royal Wedding this year, there has been no shortage of outstanding fashion offerings.

If you’re wondering: my invitations to both events got lost in the mail. But I got to watch both in face masks and silk robes, so I might still have come out on top.

The Met Gala
My favorite looks from the Met Galas were the ones that were over the top in support of the theme. Because if there is ever a time for over the top in support of a theme, the Met Gala is it! Whether you loved Rhinna as the Pope, or Zendaya as Joan of Arc, the Met Gala offered a glimpse at Catholic symbolism that was just stunning.

Some of my favorite looks:
Investment Piece: Fashion in the Wild: Galas

And if you need more of a Met Gala Fashion breakdown:

The Royal Wedding

I know it’s cliche, but I loved the Royal wedding. Yes, I woke up WAY too early to watch it. Yes, I cried. Yes, I believed in fairy tales for a moment (ok, I believe in fairy tales all the time, especially when they involve shoes). What’s different about a Royal Wedding (besides that whole Prince thing) for me are the hats. I LOVE the hats. (And the fashion in general). But as someone who never seems to have an occasion to wear hats like they do in Europe, I’m endlessly fascinated by hat fashion.

Some favorite hat moments:

Beyond the hats, the fashion at the Royal wedding was nothing to sneeze at either! From the polka dot dress worn by Abigail Spencer (which I may be determined to find) to the Queen’s bright choice, here are some of the best fashion moments:

My one disappointment for this month’s Fashion in the Wild? I wasn’t in the wild with this fashion. Maybe I need to work on that for next year’s gala (and if one of you marries a prince I can work that into my schedule too!)

What were your favorite looks?