Gift Guide: Travel Lovers

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Travel Lovers

Loves, as you may know,I split time between two different states. It’s amazing and hard and means I travel a lot. I also travel for fun. Remember the airport season in “Up in the Air” when George Clooney breaks down all of the different travelers to Anna Kendrick? Well, there’s a kind of traveler you want to be–and I’ve rounded up gifts that the travelers you love will want! Without further ado: here’s my gift guide for travel lovers.

1. Every single travel lover you know needs a great set of head phones. I love these

2. A long travel day can be hell on your legs. Lucky for you? I found compression socks for your traveler that are fashionable, too! Shop here.

3. Traveling overseas? The metric system isn’t their only difference! You need a converter for all your plug in items. I love this one, and it has USB chargers!

4. What’s a trip without some deep thoughts? These journals with your travel lover’s sign on them are too good to pass up.

5. I’m a shopper. Shocking, I know. What that means though is that I often come home from trips with more than I left with. Lucky for me, Paravel gets it, and made a Collaspable briefcase. Fit it in your packed bag just in case you need an extra bag!

6. No one wants to arrive with a suitcase full of wrinkles. My cousin began traveling with a smaller steamer years ago, and this tip has changed my life. Let it slip in your bag and never be wrinkles again. My fave here

7. My newest obession? Vintage briefcases. Great for travel, and screams luxury. Shop this vintage Gucci piece for your travel lover here.

8. Chic, comfy, and perfect for opening the door for room service; the travel lover you love needs a robe to keep in their suitcase (so they don’t forget it!) I love this monogrammed one.

9. Lastly, the travel lover in your life wants to wake up on the road as refreshed as they do at home! A way to help? Silk or satin pillowcases! They keep your hair from frizzing, are supposed to help with wrinkles, and feel amazing. Shop here.

Need more selection? I’ve linked more items like these, and more below! If you’re a travel lover, I’d love to know: what’s on your wish list?


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