Investment Piece Gift Guide

I’m going to be honest- I have mixed feelings about gift guides. I love shopping, and love gifts, but often feel that gift guides are a bit impersonal. The best gifts (to me) are the ones that are so personal and thoughtful- and it can be hard for a gift guide to know everyone’s taste (said from someone who has put together many gift guides). Added to all of that, this year is this year- budgets, holiday plans, everything has changed. Maybe you’re not doing big gift exchanges this year (my family isn’t) or maybe you need suggestions for everyone you know (gift cards are also great for that!)

If you follow me on the LikeotKnowit or ShopStyle apps, you know that I’ve been posting gift suggestions for weeks (the looks are also shoppable in the site menu here!), but instead of posting a ton of gift guides on site this year I’ve decided to do just this big one. A mix of things I have and have made my life better during 2020, things on my personal Wishlist, and things loved ones of mine like (which means maybe you or someone you know may love/want them too!). I’ve done my best to include small businesses, ones I love and work with and ones I’m learning about.

I hope that this list includes things that will make wonderful gifts for you or someone in your life! I hope that this inspires you or reminds you of something personal to gift. I hope that you don’t forget yourself when you’re gift giving (even if that gift is simply a day off!)

And with all of that, here are some of the things I’m loving and gifting!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

1. Velvet PJs
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
This year we’re staying in more, and this time of year always makes me long for things cozy. But who says cozy can’t be chic? I’m longing for more pairs of velvet pjs (note you could also wear them out!) Here are some of my faves!

2. Mrs. Emily Circle Bag
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
We know that I love a Mrs. Emily skirt (see here). This season, she introduced her first bag- a circle belt bag that’s as chic as it is functional! Shop it here

3. Beauty Sets
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
I say this every holiday, but I love a good beauty set. Makeup. Skincare. It’s a way to try things out, and give the gift of self care. Shop some of my favorite sets here

4. Sweet Laurel CookBook
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
I’ve been gluten free for years, and this cookbook is one of the few I can use to make goodies for me- and the members of my family who love gluten love these treats too (and can’t tell they’re GF!). We had some of their pumpkin blondies this am for breakfast!
Buy the cookbook here

5. Vintage
The list of vintage shops I love is long (and I’ll be shouting out as many as I can on IG today so make sure to follow me-@racheladelicia- so that you can see what’s new in their shops!), but I know that shopping vintage for gifts can be daunting. My tips? If you’re buying for others make sure that you know what they want and their measurements! When in doubt give a gift card! However, there are so many options- from scarves to belts to bags to costume jewelry (vintage costume jewelry is so good!) that you may be able to find great gifts (or a gift for you!) with ease.

6. Little Gifts
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
From fashion playing cards to jade rollers to candles and more. As a stocking stuffer or as the gift, these little gifts pack a big punch!

7. La Luer Facial Device
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
My Nu Face gave out a few months ago and I’ve been looking for a replacement! I think I’m in love with the La Luer-it combines 4 different treatments, and the before and after pics are just stunning. Try this with me here.

8. Fitness Gifts
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
We know I love my fitness, and while there a ton of BIG gifts to give the fitness lover in your life (and I have ideas for those, too!), these are small things that the person you love who loves to work out will appreciate. Shop for them (or you) here
Note: a subscription to their fave online class is also great. I love to spin so the Peleton or the Variis app is a hit- but if they love barre my fave is MBody Online

9. Hair Turban
Investment Piece: Gift Guide
Anything that lets me lounge, look chic, and keeps my hair frizz free is a thing I love. From out of the shower to trips out, these hair turbans are on my list!

And beloveds, there is so much more. Gift cards. Homemade gifts. Date night. I’m still posting ideas for things to buy, and I’m here if you want to talk out ideas. I love to shop, and I think that our shopping is powerful, here’s to us all using that to give great gifts!


Valentine Gift Guide

I’ve been honest that I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I LOVE love, but don’t love a forced “I Love You”. I love a great night out, but some of the over priced menus make me long for pizza at home. The Valentine’s Days from elementary school? Where we were all in the day together, got some candy, gave everyone a card? I did really love those. My candy tastes may have changed. And I may love a more private night at home than a huge party, there is one thing I can really get behind. Presents. (I am a HUGE fan of telling people we care-any day of the year.) From your SO to your parents to your BFF to yourself, there’s a gift out there that’s just perfect. And I may have reservations about Valentine’s, I have absolutely none about shopping these gifts!

I’ve grouped my favorite gift guides below. Shall we give love?

Note: these are affiliate links, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
A little gift to say “I love you”. Socks for all the special ladies in your life.

Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guides
Gifts for the men in your life that are much more exciting than ties.
Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
Or the men in your life might love these.

Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
Everyone loves a little beauty gift. These are some of my faves!
Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
I also love these sets.

Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
Say “I love you” with a bag
Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
These also say it!

Investment Piece: Valentine Gift Guide
For you, your BFF, and all your ladies. The perfect Galentine.

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s? Most importantly, what are you gifting? (Yes, I am a big fan of you gifting you!)

If you haven’t heard it lately, I love you!
And I’m wishing us all a week of love and amazing shoes!

Last Minute Gift Guide

Loves, the countdown is on. There’s a great chance that you’ve already finished your shopping, and I hope, are getting some time to relax and enjoy the season! If not, you’re not alone. In my family it was legend that my grandfather wait till the last minute to get gifts. He was known to rush through the mall on Christmas Eve–hopefully you don’t have to do the same. There are still many stores that will let you rush shipping today to get your gifts in time. And while there are reasons to get your shopping done early, I like to think waiting till the last minute gives you the chance to be really creative in what you give!

These are some of my “last-minute” ideas. I like to think that they are still thoughtful, and still let you give your loved ones what they want!

Investment Piece: Last Minute Gift Guide
I found this on Facebook! And while I’m not concerned with the clutter, I love some of these ideas- they are close to my own!

The above list has incredibly thoughtful gifts, that are also very easy to give at the last minute. I have all sorts of thoughts and ideas for gifts like these that you can pick up at the last minute, but they tend to fall into two main categories!

Cash/Gift Cards
Who doesn’t want cash and who wasn’t raised to think that giving cash might be a little tacky? (Please don’t let me be the only one with my hand up!) Yes, cash can come off as an afterthought. However, as someone who’s Wishlist is often very expensive, when I’ve been given help towards the big items (yes, shoes, but we all have a thing) I’ve wanted, it’s always meant a lot and made me feel seen. And anything from coffee to spin classes (though a love note: DO NOT GIVE ANY SORT OF GYM MEMBERSHIPS TO SOMEONE WHO HASN’T ASKED FOR IT) are lovely ways to support what your loved ones love to do. Or help get them what they want.

Classes and Experiences
Gym. Art. Acting. We all have a thing we love or want to try, and a class is a great way to encourage that passion. I’m also a big lover of experiences. There are quite a few girlfriends with whom I don’t exchange gifts, we just meet for a nice dinner, girls trip, or day out. Presence is often the best present and anything from a day just spent together to lavish meals are a great way to show how you care.

What do you give at the last minute? I’d love to know!

And if you are counting on 2 day shipping I have a ton of ideas (check the LiketoKnowit App, the pictures in the menu, as well as here, here, and here).

Happy Gifting!

And a note about the holiday: tomorrow and Wednesday we will be off enjoying time with our family! We are so grateful to be a part of your life and hope that you have a wonderful holiday! We’ll be back Friday and active on IG (@racheladelicia) all week! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!


Gift Guide: Kids

Loves, I don’t have kids. (This is where I make a joke that I have shoes instead. It’s supposed to be charming) BUT I do consider myself a great “fun aunt” and godmother. I’m known for giving books and red boots (they’re a thing) and asking a LOT of questions so I can get the kids EXACTLY what they want.

I also like to think that being good at shopping makes up for not knowing what the “in” thing is for kids. (Though in my experience you can never go wrong with dinosaurs!) The following are things I would give to the kids in my life (and maybe even me!)

If you know what the cool kids like, feel free to let us know!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Gift Guides Kids
I love these picks for the little girls in your life.

Investment Piece: Gift Guides Kids
And these are perfect for the little boy in your life!

Investment Piece: Gift Guide Kids
These are not toys. In fact, they aren’t necessarily for kids. BUT, one of my favorite memories is learning to cook with my grandmas and mom, and these Star Wars kitchen items are perfect for anyone in your life who loves both the Force and cooking. Kids come in all ages!

I also picked out some really cool toys:

And books:

I hope these ideas help you pick out the perfect gift for the kids in your life!

Gift Guide: Her

I’ll be honest: my biggest issue with buying for the women in my life is that I want to buy for me. So, a part of me for the gift guide for women wants to tell you all about the fashion that I want. And on that note, all the looks I have are always up for sale, and I have a ton of ideas- from books to jewelry, and of course, shoes. However, in interest of presenting what may be best and most inclusive of all the women in your life, these are my top choices.

What do the women in your life want? What kind of gifts are you into getting?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that may not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

I love breaking apart beauty sets and using them as stocking stuffers, though a beauty set on its own is a great gift! It’s also a time to gift beauty that the women in your life may not buy for themselves.
Investment Piece: Gift Guide: For Her
I love these sets

Investment Piece: Gift Guides: For Her
I’ve fallen in love with the company Tatcha, Japanese beauty. I use their silk canvas daily (it blurs my pores), and their masks are luxurious! For the holiday season, they offer special prices on smaller sizes of their most popular products. Shop my picks here.

A gift idea I love for the classic woman in your life? A Hermes scarf. But, you don’t have to blow your budget for it! Shop designer resale, and make her and you happy!
Investment Piece: Gift Guide For Her
Shop my picks here.

Investment Piece: Gift Guide: For Her
Though not vintage, I also love these capes and bags!

Bags and the Like
A little of this, a little of that:
Investment Piece: Gift Guide For Her
Shop these picks here

Again, on the @liketoknowitapp I post all the things I love from shoes to sweaters to party dresses, any of them would be a great gift!
Want more? Email me at!

Happy gifting!

Gift Guide: For Him

Loves, I have opinions on gifts. Mainly, that they are best when they are personal, and thoughtful. As in, I think it’s best to ask what the people in your life want (and I think it’s best to be honest when you’re asked that same question!). BUT. I also think that we can all use a little help with gift giving at this time of year, so we gift guide. I don’t know the man in your life, but I know the men in my life would love these:

(And to be fair, so would I!)

Hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for all the men you love!


Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: For Him
He might love these seasonal picks from Jcrew.

Investment Piece: For Him
Or he might like this collab from Adam Scott X ClareV

Investment Piece: For Him
You, and him, can’t go wrong with a great bag. Check these out.

Investment Piece: For Him
These picks might be right up his alley.

And these are technically for the “home”, but if he lives in a home he might enjoy:
Investment Piece: For Him

What do the men in your life want?

Sunday Chronicles: Hostess Gifts

Loves! It’s another Sunday, and another Gift Guide. Within the next week, some of us will begin traveling for Thanksgiving, or maybe having a Friendsgiving, or in general, hosting or being hosted somewhere. I’m a big fan of the hostess gift. It not only lets people know that you’re appreciative of the invite, and willing to help as needed, I think it’s the one gift that can immediately acknowledge someone. And acknowledged people are happy people. (I’m 99% sure that’s science!)

Hostess gifts can also be as broad or as personal as you want them to be. You can’t go wrong with wine, or a little tea towel. You can also get the hostess something they, or their family, have been really wanting. One time a friend gave her hostess a gift card for a maid service after the holidays–tis a gift that you can be creative with!

That all being said, I’ve rounded up some things I think are perfect for hostess gifts. From things for the holiday table, to little holiday trinkets, and even some party poppers!

What do you love to give and get for hostess gifts?

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts
Little and big things for the holiday table. No judgement if you want these things for you!

Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts
I’m a fan of gratitude. It really does make everything better. These little gifts will have you saying “Thank You”, and make the table a bit more festive!

Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts
Pilgrim poppers, candles, wreaths, and more.

Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts
I’m a huge fan of an Advent Calendar and these special and unique ones are the perfect way to help your hosts count down the season!

Investment Piece: Hostess Gifts
Not just for hostess gifts, these things for the home are perfecting for gifting!

I hope that these ideas help you give a hostess gift they’ll love!


Gift Guide: Sephora Beauty Insiders

We’re starting on our holiday shopping and we’re taking you with this. One of my favorite things to give and get? Beauty items. From big ticket tools (yes, I want all the facial, non-wrinkle things) to lipstick sets that can be broken up and used as stocking stuffers, there is a beauty gift for us all. And through tomorrow, it’s all on sale at Sephora. Simply joint Beauty Insiders (if you’re not already a member. It’s free and through out the year you get special deals and samples), then use code HOLIDAYSAVE for discounts.

I’ve grouped some of my favorite things below. Happy shopping!

Note: this post does contain some affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: Sephora Sale
I love these lipstick and makeup sets. Shop my picks here

Investment Piece: Sephora Sale
Any sale is a great time to stock up on your beauty faves. These are some of mine.

Investment Piece: Sephora Sale
Holdiays are a time for the big guns, and sales are a great time to save on them. From facial devices to hair removal systems save on these are ones to consider at Sephora’s Beauty Insider Event.

Investment Piece: Sephora Sale
More sets. More savings. Shop here

Investment Piece: Sephora Sale
Did I mention I have a thing for Lipsticks?

Don’t forget to use code HOLIDAYSAVE for your savings!

Gift Guide: For Her

I hope the shopping is coming easy and that the Merry is flowing. Last week I shared my gift guide for all the men in your life. And much like men, the women in your life can be difficult to shop for (unless of course, you know EXACTLY what they want or you know they incredibly well). My solution? A Gift Guide full of ideas that I personally love (yes, I have and love some of these things)! Hopefully they inspire you-to either buy these suggestions, or to think of something that special female might ADORE.

Happy gifting!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that may not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Beauty and Skin Care
Let’s be honest. There are a lot of us out here who love trying new creams, masks, gadgets to make us look as good as we feel on the inside. Here are a few of my favorites:

Clothes and Shoes
I know, I know. It’s cliche to give a sweater for Christmas. However, sometimes you just want a really great sweater.

Fitness Lover
Not everyone is. But I know I am, and I know this is the time of year when I ask for things that I won’t buy myself. Like:

For the Home
From Weighted Blankets (on my list) to books, these are my picks for gifts that are hard to categorize!

The Young Woman in your Life
I don’t know what teens think are cool. But I really like these:

Keep your eye on my social media–I’ll be posting my own personal Wishlist!


Gift Guides: For Him

I can’t be the only one who thinks that shopping for a man can be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, if you know him well, it can be so easy! But the guys that you’re just getting to know, aren’t close with, are doing group shopping for? That can be tricky. And no man wants just another tie and you don’t need me to suggest whiskey stones. So what to get for the men in your life?

I have some thoughts!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Computer bags, gym bags, overnight bags. The man in your life needs a bag. I like these:

Are you ready for my hot take in terms of gifts for him? Buying him clothes is more difficult than buying her clothes. The caveats being unless you know him super well, or you know exactly what he wants. Otherwise, buying him clothes as a gift can be a lot. Lucky you, I’ve rounded up some choices that are sure to make him smile!

Tech Gifts
Most of the men in my life LOVE a good tech gift. These are my picks:

For the Young Man in Your Life
The young man that you love deserves a special gift, too! I have no clue what’s “cool” right now, but here’s what I love:

Amazon Gifts
We all love Amazon, and that shipping! Here my picks (a little of this, a little of that) from Amazon:

Other gift ideas for the man in your life? Books, Movies, Games, Game tickets, a Nice Night out.
I’d love to know: what are you gifting the man in your life?
You can also take a gander at these gift guides which may inspire you:
Fitness Lovers
Travel Lovers
Art Lovers
Tech Lovers