Fashion Halloween: Betty Draper

Halloween, fashion, blogger, Betty Draper, costume, Investment Piece
Betty Draper, Mad Men, Halloween, costume, Investment Piece

I love Halloween, I’m a theatre major, actress and into fashion–costumes are fun to me! I love really dressing for a part, even if that part is just handing out candy. Last year we got into some fashion costumes (here) but this year I wanted to devote more time to it. A great costume can sometimes take some time and effort, though my goal is to present (for the most part) costumes that are fashion (and therefore made from your closet); I’ve picked costumes I’m actually considering being this year–and also costumes I think are fun! (Side note: I also love costumes you buy and in the past have been Catwoman and WonderWoman–I approve and while I’m not presenting those ideas, I still think they are fashion and love them!) So for the next few Thursday’s be prepared for Fashion Halloween, we’ll get you dressed up!

First up: Betty Draper. I loved Mad Men, especially the fashion. And I loved the episode when Betty shot the pigeons–and that makes for a fun, yet easy costume!

Fashion Halloween, Investment Piece, Betty Draper

Loves, this is basically an excuse to wear your nice PJs out. It’s simply a nice nightgown (or a slip dress would work), a great robe (this one is vintage, I got it on Etsy but you can use what you have), and slippers (these are cashmere mules from The Real Real but I think almost anything would work:mules, feathered shoes, any heel). The great thing? It’s completely comfy (and if you like you can smoke and drink all night and be in character). The trick of this costume is in the details;
Fashion Halloween, Betty Draper, InvestmentPiece
Betty Draper, Fashion Halloween, Investment Piece
Perfect makeup:red lips, eyeliner and mascara. Red nails. And bob your hair (I followed an online tutorial here and there are a ton more out there!)
Full disclosure: I didn’t buy a toy gun for this (or cigarettes) but that is an option (Most Halloween or toy stores have them); I felt like the essence of the costume came across without it!

Betty Draper, Fashion Halloween, Investment Piece
Betty Draper, Fashion Halloween, Investment Piece
Fashion Halloween, Betty Draper, Investment Piece

I love this idea, or the idea of dressing like your favorite character in general! Check back next week for our next costume!


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