Hitting the Ground……

Investment Piece:Hitting the Ground....

It’s the first Monday of the new year. We did it! We got this far…..and now what?
Are you hitting the ground running?
Or just hitting the ground?

I had high hopes for my holiday- a mix of rest, work, getting ahead, starting the new year on the best notes.
And I did rest (turns out I was much more tired than I thought) and I did work. But all the lofty ideas I had? I didn’t get them done.

But I’m not feeling bad about it (I have a whole year and month and week to get everything done), and while I may not be running I did splat on the ground. That’s something, right?

Investment Piece: In my Robe

The most surprising thing to me? How much rest I’ve needed. We’ve been at home most of the year, things are scaled back- and I still am surprised every time I was stressed! 2020 was a hard year. It’s ok that you (me) may need time. It’s ok to ease into the new year.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’ve spent most of my holiday letting myself really rest, not getting dressed up, not pushing myself. And though it’s Monday- I’m excited. About this year. What’s to come. All the things I plan on wearing.

Investment Piece: Hitting the Ground....

I’m still working on my goals and my plans and how to get after this year. BUT. I have so many outfits to wear and share (and while I love my sweats, I’m looking forward to getting dressed!), new series to share, and updates to implement. It’s fair that 2020 made us a bit cautious. It’s fair to be moving slow. I’m also feeling hope- and for now, that’s enough.

What are you looking forward to this year? How were your holidays? Are you like me and still moving slow or did you hit the ground running?
I want to hear about all of it!


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