Pattern Mixing


Scary and overwhelming: that’s what most of us think of when we think of pattern mixing. And loves, it can be. But like all good scary and overwhelming things, it can be incredibly rewarding. Some of the process is trial and error, and comes down to taste, but when I’m mixing there are a few guidelines I follow, and I hope that they help you!

Play with Sizes
Great combos often come from mixing patterns of the same shape- little and big polka dots for example. However, some of the biggest payoffs come when you mix different patterns- the trick is just to keep one pattern big and one small.

Play with patterns in the same color
Love navy, stripes, and flowers? Play with that combo- it would go great together!


Chose colors that compliment each other
I love a great pop of color- red shoes for example! And when mixing our patterns it’s aok to play with color, just make sure they compliment each other. Black/Red. Blue/Yellow. Green/Pink. All classic combos- but I loved this combo of blue and white check and cream and black. They don’t match- but the colors compliment!

Have fun!
Most importantly- have fun! I am really a fan of trial and error in this process. The guidelines are great- but if there’s something you want to try go for it. Mix and match. Try it on- worse case? You have to change. Best case? It works! It seems like a win/win to me!


I’d love to know- do you mix patterns? What do you stick to?

Happy Thursday! xo RA

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