Play All The Hits

Investment Piece: Playing All the hits
Investment Piece: Playing All the Hits
Investment Piece: Playing All the hits
Investment Piece; Playing all the Hits
Investment Piece: Playing All the Hits
Investment Piece: Playing All the Hits

She fought it at first. That feeling that things were over. After all, she was amazing and he should be grateful for that. The dull pain took away her desire to sing, and to tell her stories. But then, time passed. She calmed down. It dawned on her that the best thing that he ever did was leave her alone.
And after time, her voice returned, as did her passion. She began to sing again, and to play all the hits.
Maybe he didn’t love the way that she told the story of she and him? That was his problem.
She was singing, telling the tale, playing all the hits.

Wearing all black isn’t only chic and slimming, it hides things like spilling your holiday cheer on you. Just keep that in mind this holiday season. And as for hits, is there a better one? I can’t think of a time when all black wouldn’t be great!
Are socks with heels a thing we do? I asked that question when I first started this blog, and the answer was a resounding yes. You can see for yourself here.
And socks with something to say? I’m in!
(If you can’t quite tell, these say “Aurevior Asshole”. Break-up socks if I ever saw them. These are MOTHER, not just great jeans and can be found here)

This look is not only perfect for work, cocktails, and holiday parties when you just aren’t in the mood, but for when the new year comes and you have things on your mind.

I’ve linked pieces below for your shopping pleasure. Play those hits!

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