Prairie Dresses: Do You Need One?

Investment Piece: Do you need a prairie dress?

Little House on the Prairie (Both the show and the books) was one of my favorites growing up. Ask me about prairie dresses, and I want to tell you stories of independence, Ma and Pa, and battling the elements. There were days when I made my sister wear a bonnet, I had one too, and we pretended that we were traveling the country, standing up for ourselves as we went. Prairie dresses were a thing I did.

Now, ask me about prairie dresses and I envision a maxi (most likely floral) with detailed sleeves. I might even want to pair one with combat boots and explore the line between feminine and edgy. Prairie dresses.

Investment Piece: Prairie Dresses

So, what exactly is a prairie dress? And do you need one?

Google prairie dress and you’ll be in for a treat (and lots of shopping). Collectively, we can concure that a prairie dress is a high necked (mostly), modest dress, most likely ruffled, that combines romanticism and melancholy. And loves, they are in-no matter what story you want to tell with them.

Which leads us to the question: do you need one?
Yes, I’m allowing for the possibility that you already have one, this isn’t the first time that a prairie dress has captivated the fashion scene.
And yes, I think you need one.
Stories are not only about what we say, but what we don’t. Modest, maxi dresses give you a chance to play with that.

Investment Piece: Prairie Dresses

We know that I love a good juxatipositon, and I can’t think of a better one than something romantic paired with something edgy. I love prairie dresses with boots, sneakers, and of course heels.
And not every prairie dress has to be super girly. With our wide range of options, there are prairie dresses sans Ruffles, flowers, bows, but that capture the high neck and sleeves — I also love a good detail and prairie dresses deliver.

I’ve linked some of my favorite prairie dresses below. What story will you tell with them?

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Investment Piece: Prairie Dress

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