Spring 2018 Trends

Investment Piece: Gown so Good

Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.

Just like that joke that never gets old, every Spring we get offered trends that we can opt to embrace (to any extent) or reject (to any extent). There are times when the spring trends can feel very recycled and very cliche-florals anyone? Yet sometimes, even if the trend is “done”, it can feel new and exciting. The following is by no means a final list of Spring 2018 Trends (notables I left off: Americana, High End Denim, Fringe, and Florals) but these are the spring trends that I’ve loved (and already seen in stores). I’d love to know: What Spring Trends do you love?

From sheer clothes to transparent shoes to tulle layers, there’s something sheer in the spring air.
Investment Piece: Spring 2018 Trends

I’ve always loved a little sheer in my fashion (see here) but this season what I’m really falling for is not just the sheer silks and chiffons, but the transparent plastic that’s a spring trend.

For example these boots I’m lusting after:

You can also find PVC and plastic in parkas, bags, tops, and pants. Sheer for days for Spring 2018.

Saturated Colors and Pastels
Sometimes Spring trends run to different ends of the spectrum.
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
Pink was big all last year, so it should come as no surprise that this season more colors are getting in on the trends. From lavender to soft blues and greens, there’s a pastel for every whim. My favorite part? These aren’t Easter Egg Pastels, but pastels that are so sophisticated you won’t care how soft the colors on.

But if you need more pop?
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
Saturated Color is also on trend for Spring 2018. From deep hues to almost neon, there’s a bright color for you (again in the most sophisticated cuts and shapes).

On Trend: There’s a color for your mood?

Mixing Prints
On the Spring Runways this was especially true for plaids. But plaids and stripes. Stripes and Florals. Dots and Graphics. If it mixes, it’s chic to wear it. (My tip: simply match a background color or play with size of patterns if you’re a bit uncomfortable with this spring trend).

Turns out I was ahead of the curve:
Investment Piece: Polka Dots as a Neutral
And I love this look of mixed plaids:
Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018

Investment Piece: Spring Trends 2018
As someone who loves to wear “day” sequins I love this spring trend. From sequins to satin to sateen, the runways were full of shine. Why can’t your spring be?

See anything you like? My favorite part about Spring Trends is that there’s always a way to wear what you have and still be on trend; and yet, trends are away an excuse to go shopping. Where do you fall this season?

I’ve linked some of my favorite items that are are trend for Spring 2018. And of course will update you about what I buy!

Happy Shopping!

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