Are we label whores?

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When I was little one of the things that I wanted most in the world was a “Coke” t-shirt. My mom said no, her reasoning being that I was not a billboard. (Don’t worry, I got a hand-me down Coke shirt from a friend, so my life wasn’t ruined.) My mom’s attitude towards labels hasn’t changed much, she doesn’t hate them, but thinks quality can be found without a label; and most importantly, that she shouldn’t provide a free billboard. And it’s not that I don’t get her point; after I moved to CA and found out what they pay for a billboard-I get not wanting to do it for free. However, my relationship with labels is a tad bit more complicated. I like labels. I talk all the time about how much I love Gucci, I think Chanel bags are a great investment, LV bags are fantastic, I love shopping vintage labels, and that’s just the tip of the shopping! I know some of you feel the same. We love labels, we wear them, but are we label whores?

According to Urban Dictionary, a label whore is someone who wears head to toe labels, especially if the logo or brand name is constantly visible. We all love labels, but let’s admit head to toe logos would be a lot. I love every single look Gucci sends down the run way, but also think it’s fresh and modern to mix high and low; which means I often wear my labels with Zara/Levis/etc. So, if we aren’t painting ourselves in logos, is it safe to say that we aren’t label whores? Or is there another layer? Does label whore include loving and/or buying something simply because it’s a label or certain brand?

I don’t ask these questions to make us feel bad, have I mentioned that I love Gucci so? And it’s not that I think that loving labels is a horrid thing; but as someone who shops, helps others shops, and is fashion I can’t help but look at our choices, whatever they may be. Labels are a layered issue, often symbols of status, and can have meaning beyond simply clothes or bags. High end labels are often synonymous with quality and luxury, as well as status; and let’s admit, those are great reasons to want something. We all want high quality clothes, and if said clothes communicate that they’re special and luxurious I don’t think any of us would complain. (If we’re really honest, let’s admit that sometimes labels make us feel special too). But the question remains, are we buying labels because we want the product or because we want the label? There are plenty of quality items out in the world that don’t have a label, and some of them are luxurious. Are we overlooking those in favor of a familiar logo? Is that hurting us–and our closets?

I am the last person in the world to tell you that you shouldn’t buy something you love, even if you only love it because it says Gucci on it. The labels we love are loved for a reason, and I’m not anti-logo by any stretch. I plan on keeping my labels, adding to my collections, and mixing my high and low. However, I am going to start asking myself why I want some things; because as much as I love labels, I don’t think that the label should be the only reason to buy something. I am a fan of quality, I am a fan of high fashion and fun, and I am fan of finding those items, with or without a logo. Can I love all my labels and non-labels at the same time? I think the only way to know is to try!

Am I the only one worried about being a label whore? What’s your take on the issue?


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