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As many have said and inferred your style is everything about you- from what you wear to how you decorate your house. And I would add- your art. I’ve always loved art and painting- I can lose myself in a museum for hours. As I shared when we chatted Met Gala I absolutely believe that fashion is art, but also love to surround myself with art that makes me happy.

Painting is in my blood (the above picture is mine), my great-grandma was an artist (when she wasn’t being a wife and mother). My childhood home was filled with her work- and one of my home bases is home to quite a few paintings as well!

I can’t tell you exactly what I think makes a great painting or artwork- but I know that I love finding things that speak to me and bring me joy! I also love supporting small artists and buying their work! It’s so personal- and gives you access to so many original works!

Here are two artists that I’ve recently just fallen in love with:

Cassie Bartley
Cassie paints in such a unique way- every painting I’ve seen I’ve just loved – mainly as they make me think! She takes commissions as well as her personal creations- and works in a variety of mediums and sizes! A few of my picks are: imageimageimage
Follow her on Instagram @cbartley_artist and her website is<\a>

Mel Remmers
Another artist I love is Mel- she sells and shows through Instagram (@melremmers) and has a beautiful collection of fashion inspired paintings, as well as a ballet series, and other portraits. Her paintings are pretty- but also have so much depth (and her use of shadow is stunning)
Some of my faves:

Who are some of your favorite artists? What strikes you about art?
Happy Thursday! XO RA

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