Fall Mood. Fall Trends

It’s abou that time, my loves. Fall is going to officially be here next week, and I’m excited to dive into all the fall trends that are on deck for us. But more than trends, I’m thinking about my fall moods. A bit about how I approach fall moods, and what trends I’m looking forward to:

Investment Piece: Fall Mood. Fall trends

In short? I’m excited about fall. The trends, the feeling, the change. As I mentioned in my video, while I’m thinking about trends (my favorites are suiting, leather, and the classic/bougie pieces), I’m planning on moods. I love the ideas of mixing bright colors with classic pieces. Being slightly rock and roll one day, and very preppy the next. I tend to collect images-some part Wishlist, some outfit inspiration, some just a mood I’d like to play with. The trends for this fall are fun to play with, and full of investment pieces. Above are some moods I’m thinking about for fall, from pieces I want to have to airs I want to give off. I’ll be adding to this list, and of course buying, and seeing where the season takes us.

What fall trends are you excited about? What mood are you going for?

Below I’ve linked some fall trend pieces that I love- mainly suiting and leather! Of course, what I buy for fall will be updated too! Shop my picks and let me know what your fall fashion thoughts are!


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Yes, a trend, but also a classic. Don’t hesitate to invest here!

A fall staple, but these new talked on the pattern are too amazing to ignore!

I’m dreaming of one of these leather dresses!

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