Great Investments: Gucci Bag


My blog’s name came from my personal theory that great fashion is a great investment- beyond resell value (Birkins make that case), but I think fashion with lasting value that brings you joy is worth investing in. I’ve often spent months saving for a special piece, and the joy these pieces bring me is something I cherish! So in this new monthly segment I will showcase some of my favorite pieces- ones that I’ve saved for, stand apart, or have sentimental value; and first up: this divine Gucci bag.


We know I am a Gucci girl- their current lines are just perfection, and this bag is the epitome of that! The detail, color, iconic logo- when I found this, and it fit into my budget, I absolutely couldn’t resist!



From the snake to the bee and the flowers, every time I carry this bag it just makes me happy!


I’d love to know – what’s one of your favorite pieces?

Happy Tuesday! XO RA


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